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Thread: Anime Series: Takuto (Need Help Inking)

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    Default Anime Series: Takuto (Need Help Inking)

    You don't have to be good at art to help ink. You just need some kind of program that has layers and a pen tool or line tool.
    I would like to be so humble as to ask for a bit of help on the project that has absorbed my time and my life.
    The project itself is an anime series. Since it's an anime "series" (not ova) this means that it will have eventually, over a course of years, reach 100+ episodes or more and have up to 50-100 characters. The project itself started more than a year ago when a friend and I were talking about creating a story. We talked more and more over time about this one story and eventually it started to form into an anime. I'd always start the conversation "So now we should think of a set of 8 more characters". After this we'd go into detail creating these characters in sets and associations until the projects story started to get pretty decent in size.
    This was when I first started drawing (last year). As my brother had left for college, I started to be all alone in my house. All I would do is draw for up to 6 hours a day and listen to music. (6 hours would be on an off-day)
    I think that I have improved greatly since that day. :-)

    Now this is when I started to brainstorm different ways that this anime was possible. I wanted to make something with great music, amazing story, and half-way decent artwork. So Anime's have an incredible number of people within their teams, millions of dollars for animation and could I create an anime?
    Well, I started to use flash or windows media player. Mixing my own music into my drawn movies, I would create all kinds of scenes. Of course, un-animated.
    This is when I decided to do the project as a cartanimanga. A Cartoon + Anime + Manga. The only way I can get an episode done is to do a minimum of 600-700 pictures for each (Colored, Moving, Manga with Music) episode. After this, I'll have to finish backgrounds for each one of those pictures.
    So here's the math: 10 pictures a day = 600 pictures in 60 days. That's two months, so lets lower that to: 30 pictures drawn a day = 600 pictures in 20 days. That's more like what I wanted.
    I wanted to get that many pictures done a day, regardless of quality; since this was mainly about the story and the music, not the art. (please excuse me, artists ;-( )

    So here's what I've got so far for quality, some screenshots:

    What I need help with

    Here's the problem. I just need a team of people that can ink for me. The inkings I've done above I've done with Flash's line tool so that it only takes me 5-10 minutes to finish, and I can move on to coloring simply with the paint bucket tool.
    If your an artist that could just spare a bit of time for a lowly producer like myself I would be SOOOO happy.
    The quality of the inks dosn't have to be any better than the inks that are above, you can even use the line tool or pen tool in any program you have. If we can get 1 episode out, there will probably be at least a little bit of a buzz, and we can slowly work our way up getting more and more people to help so that production can be more effecient. :-)
    Just AIM me at Gotmilkxtreme2 if you'd be the least bit interested. (or e-mail me at [email protected])
    Thanks for the support. :-)

    A Bit of the Story


    Age: 17, male
    Sign: Libra
    Inf: Takuto has a dream. He dreams to some day be the greatest warrior in all of the land, and create his own dojo where he'll have respect and dignity. There's only one problem. He has no talent, respect, or dignity....He's broken the record for being the first Militia Trainee to reach the Level 1 Exam at the age limit of 17. This means that in 2 weeks, if he fails this next exam, he'll be forced to join the Militia at the level he failed at....Level 1. Making him one of the ONLY Level 1's in history and the FIRST Level 1 Militia in Greenfield.
    If having no talent wasn't enough, being labeled for being the town pervert gives him (or at least in his opinion) NONE of the respect he deserves. He swears he ISN'T, though! It's just a series of unfortunate coincidences!!

    He dosn't make up for it with height. Alright, maybe he isn't the SHORTEST of your average 17-year-old, but he could be a LITTLE taller.
    He tries his hardest, and isn't at all that untalented, but when he's in front of people he always manages to screw some monday detail up.


    Age: N/A, female
    Personality: More as you watch it

    Sign: N/A
    Inf: More as you watch it. (Let's leave this character for the first episode)


    Age: 16, female
    Personality: Friendly, Smart, Energetic (not perky-style, but lightly)

    Sign: Gemini
    Inf: Takuto's broken record has worn off on two other people. Mina and Juno are Takuto's two best friends (Takuto's two ONLY friends). Mina's only gripe with Takuto is that every year Juno and Takuto find another way to hold her back when it comes to exam time.


    Age: 16, male
    Personality: Lazy, Calm

    Sign: Cancer
    Inf: Juno is a very talented martial artist...if only he cared as much as Takuto did he might be past Level 1. Every year the exam comes, and every year he just dosn't seem to have the motivation to get any further. Juno is an artist, he plays piano and paints, studies philosophy and what he really desires is to know the meaning of life.


    Age: 14, male
    Personality: Egotistical, Rude

    Sign: Cancer
    Inf: Silver, having joined the Level 1-3 Public Greenfield Dojo at the age of 13, has quickly become quite popular. He's a VERY powerful VERY talented martial artist and also VERY short for his age. Although short, he hangs out with his three other friends Emerald, Quartz, and the newest to the group Jewel. (these four will be mentioned at a later date).
    He may seem to just be a brat to Takuto, but there is a deeper side to his history. He may just have "special feelings" for someone that Takuto is familiar with.


    Age: 19, male
    Personality: Calm, Friendly

    Sign: Pisces
    Inf: Akito, since birth, has been living the life of the "hero". He made it past the Level 4 exam at [the lowest age in Albany history] just 17 years old. After making it up to that level, he went on to live his dream of owning his own Dojo. It has become quite successful as the youngest talents dojo in the land. Even though always seeming to be quite content from anothers perspective, there are deeper mysteries behind the scenes.


    Age: 17, male
    Personality: Dumb, Friendly, Sunglasses Cool

    Sign: Aquarius
    Inf: Ken likes guitar. Ken likes food. Ken knows Kung Fu. Ken is a friend of everyone around the dojo and practically everyone in town. He's made a habit of hanging out with Lium in downtown Greenfield and has tons of friends and popularity. Underneath all of the shallowness, you'll find a strong, caring and wise friend. He's completely nuetral towards Takuto.


    Age: 19, male
    Personality: Cool

    Sign: Aries
    Inf: A cooler and quieter character, Kai was in the same class as Akito since his childhood. They lived in Albany, and while Akito always had loads of friends, Kai had to survive alone. More as you watch it. ;-)

    Picture cut due to limitations


    Age: 14, male
    Personality: Idiotic, Egotistical, Trickster

    Sign: Gemini

    Inf: Lium is the second child prodigy, born to a master of the blade, he's been taught since he first learned to walk. Being one of the younger ones in the dojo, he judges Anya as a "kid" and demands respect from everyone else.

    Picutre cut due to limitations


    Age: 13, female
    Personality: Strict, Tough, Egotistical

    Sign: Scorpio
    Inf: A child prodigy, Anya was accepted into Akito's Dojo by complete chance, in a near death experience when falling from a bridge. She ended up being saved by Akito. Ever since "that day" she hasn't been able to form words right around him. Other than that, she HATES Takuto, and she demands respect around the dojo.


    Age: 25, female
    Personality: Strict, Tough, Egotistical

    Sign: Capricorn
    Inf: Rea is Takuto's older killer sister. She own's her own house and has wanted Takuto to move out since he was 14 year's old (since this is the usual time in this society when a child is granted the freedom of adulthood and leaves her parents). Rea's parents left when she was 14 to leave her and her friend with the house, and to leave her with the responsibility of raising Takuto. But it's not HER fault he's a complete failure is it!?

    Now being a composer, I thought of music first. So far, I have about 80 or more tracks of music in MIDI format that I convert to MP3 (high quality sound) in different arrangements. The Soundtrack itself is very melodic, having melodies for each track that I can arrange to different forms of MP3 for that specific part in the anime. (I think what the pro's actually do for anime's like Bleach and Naruto).

    Opening - When We Can See
    The Fruit of Life
    The Evil Cat
    Takutos Theme
    I Can Win!
    Rubys Company
    Ending - My Love Is True

    The reason I'd like to show you the music, is to show why I didn't want to do a manga.


    I'm not the best, but I kinda think it isn't healthy to compare in the first place. I'm just asking for a tiny bit of help on a project that's just a tad too tough for one person alone.
    Regardless, I'll keep working and working on it all day and all night. :-)

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    Well... I can't ink on the computer, but I could ink with a pen^^ If you want I could help..^^'

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