We’re retrieving the timber -
It’s that time of year again.
It is the Coldest December,
That has happened or ever been.

The blazing embers crackle -
Giving heat unto the night.
We’re free of all the shackles,
That once hindered our delight.

But there is no warm like your body
And no furnace can compare.
Let’s remove all the gaudy,
So it’s just us, lying bare.

“Would you drink away my fears
Till they dried-up to pure?”
“Would you soak away my tears
And dissemble my demure?”

With two resounding “yes!”
I now know that you’re the one.
No further need to guess;

My hunt for you is done.

These red cheeks were once ice -
You have melted away the pain.
You’re embrace…it feels so nice…
Though, it was once just a bane.

I want to lie in your arms.
Lie for many seasons to come.
And now that I can’t be harmed,
There’s no reason for being numb.