My Night Before Christmas...

It was Christmas Eve and throughout the day,
My life was infatuated with my love
I sighed as I looked out past the window pane
To see no snow laying around.

Sitting out in the family room,
I watched old christmas films
My brother made a rant to brood
In a convo I found myself preoccupied until noon

From then I sat in my room
playing a game from 1 to 2
bored with it's 007ness
I went to the kitchen
and prevented a very big mess..

As the day went on
I drowned myself in song
thinking about my love so long
I sat back and smiled; though as I could until dawn

Finally I came to the chat,
I saw my love sitting at that
When I spoke to her, loving her ever so
I never wanted to let her go

Though I know as the night falls
Connected I will be to her
Through a telephone call
Until the clock hit's 12

Once it does so
there's something she will say
It goes as such (maybe)
"I love you, now have a merry Christmas day!"

After I respond
to such as I will
The phone shall go silent
as the night sets still
and as we say our good nights
together as it may
We will be thinking of each other
on good ol' Christmas day.