I've had so many manga ideas so I wrote my first chapter but I'm a beginner so sorry if it's sloppy!!!

Summary: The magical world of Alahein was once protected by Alastairís Heart, the heart of a legendary hero who sacrificed himself for Alahein. But one day, the Heart is destroyed, And Alahein erupts into chaos. For hundreds of years, the kingdoms of Alahein are at war. After centuries of tragic war, Alahein is at its limit, and so are all the kingdoms. A mysterious young boy named Zero searches for his sister who disappeared three months ago. He discovers that his sister was a member of a secret organization that rebelled against the war and searcheeces and scattered for the Heart, which was actually shattered into pieces and scattered across Alahein. He joins the organization in search of his sister. Along the way, he meets a strange group of friends who join him for different reasons. Soon, he decides to fight to find the Heart and end the war.

Chapter 1: Fiery Heart

Boy: (narration)You were the only thing that gave me the will to live.

A smiling girl, face hidden, spun around merrily in the bright light she radiated.

Boy: Your fiery light was what lifted the heavy chains off of my darkened soul.

A hand reached out for the girl, who simply smiled. The light began to dim.

Boy: Like the sun, you warmed my cold heart and gave me a reason to smile each aching day. Your arms were wrapped around me while I despaired.

The girl began to fade away like the dimming light surrounding her.

Boy: I never thought it would hurt this much to not see your smile every day. I never realized how easily you could disappear just by one touch. I never thought how achingly lonely Iíd feel without you by my side.

The image of the girl rippled like the disturbed surface of still water.

Boy: I loved to bathe my tainted heart in your presence as you illuminated the world with your light.

The girl could barely be seen.

Boy: You were what I lived for.

The girl faded away along with her radiating light, leaving empty darkness. The hand grasped around nothing and dropped, lifeless and empty.

Boy: Can my struggling soul survive without you?

__________________________________________________ ____________________________

It was a bright, sunny day in the village Palkinsa of the kingdom of Fulmun. The streets were full of merchants, travelers, and simple pass-byers trying to get by. Shouts of traders selling their products and the bustling noises of a normal day in the village filled the air with such a peaceful, subtle atmosphere.

Merchant: Hey, have you heard?
Merchant 2: Yeah. Ulrium invaded Reliam last night.

A small boy with a long red coat walked by the chatting merchants. He had a black shirt, pants, and boots underneath the coat, and a hood that peeked out from the collar of his coat arched around his head, concealing his face.

Merchant 2: The world isnít looking too good.
Merchant 1: You could say that again.

The mysterious boy stopped in front of the merchants. They ceased their chatting and looked up at the approaching boy. He held a parchment in front of their faces.

Boy: Have you seen this girl?

The parchment had a picture of a teenage girl with long white hair smiling sweetly. The boyís face peered from out under his hood. He had pure white hair similar to the girl in the pictureís and eyes as red as roses. He stared straight into the merchantís faces and asked once again.

Boy: Oi, old men, didnít you hear me? Have you seen this girl?
Merchant 1: Um, no.
Merchant 2: (leans forward to observe the picture) Iíve never seen her before.
Merchant 1: I think I wouldíve remembered seeing a beauty like that.

The boy sighed and lowered the picture in disappointment.

Merchant 2: Thatís true. (faces boy) Whatís your name, boy? Iíve never seen you around here before.

The boy arched his head up to look at the merchants.

Boy: Iím a traveler. My nameís Zero.
__________________________________________________ ____________________________

Zero was walking around the village aimlessly. He was a total stranger and not familiar with the town. He did not know of the appropriate places to be searching.

Zero: (groans and scratches his head) Argh, this is hopeless! I havenít been able to find out anything!

Zero spotted a small pub in the center of town a few feet ahead with an exasperated look.

Zero: (sighs) I need a break. I can ask some people in there, while Iím at it.

Zero entered the pub with a heavy heart. It was crammed with large men wearing intimidating faces. They all had the appearance of criminals or bandits of some sort and glared at Zero intensely as soon as he entered the room. Zero calmly ignored them and took a seat at the bar with a sigh.

Zero: Hey, bartender?
Bartender: H-Hai?
Zero: (holds up picture) Have you seen this girl?
Bartender: (squints at picture) Um...(shakes head) I-I havenít.

Zero sighed again and stuffed the picture back into his pocket.

Zero: Give me something strong.

The bartender looked confused.

Bartender: Excuse me, sir, but arenít you...?
Zero: (snaps) You gonna keep me waiting? Iím in a bad mood! Fix me up already or I wonít pay you!

The bartender seemed skeptical but prepared a cup unquestioningly. Zero slumped in his seat and rested his head in his arms, closing his eyes to cease the throbbing of exhaustion pounding his skull. The customers began talking all too loud behind his back.

(random talk)
: Whatís with that kid?
: Dunno. A traveler?
: No way, heís way too young.
: A war orphan?

Zero: Ugh, so annoying.

The menacing man seated next to Zero leaned closer towards him. He had a complicated tattoo on one of his muscular arms that ran across his bare, thick chest. His head wore a gruff expression upon a thick neck.

Man: Oi, chibi?

Zero looked up from beneath his arms at the man with little interest.

Zero: Huh?
Man: What are you doing in a place like this?
Zero: Drinking, of course. What else?
Man: Arenít you underage?

Zero scowled and opened one eye.

Zero: And arenít you too old?
Man: (angered) What?!

Zero opened both eyes and gazed directly at the man.

Zero: Alcohol is bad for old men. Youíll shorten your life span, you know.
Man: (growing anger) Whatís that, you brat?
Zero: (sighs) What are you, ninety-something?
Man: (furious) I am NOT that old!

The man stood. The sound grabbed the attention of the customers.

Man: (threateningly) Watch that mouth of yours, kid.
Zero: (smirks playfully) Lecturing children speeds up your aging as well.
Man: What the hell is with that mouth of yours?

Zero sat up with laid-back confidence, unaware of the huge difference in height and size between him and the man.

Zero: Iím just here to drink. Donít poke your big fat nose into my business, old man.
Man: Iíll teach you to control that damn mouth of yours!
Manís friend: Oi, oi, Vivi. Heís just a kid.
Zero: (smirks sarcastically) Uh-huh, a kid.

Viviís brow furrowed in furiosity. Something about the boyís cocky attitude and voice really annoyed him. The bartender cautiously set a mug of foaming alcohol on the table.

Bartender: Um, hereís your drink, sir.
Zero: Ah, thank you.

He flipped a golden coin at the bartender from his fingers. The bartender clumsily caught the coin in his hands and bowed his head. Zero grabbed the drink and chugged down half of the bitter alcohol in one gulp, much to the surprise of all the men. He glanced back at Vivi, who still glared at him.

Zero: Hey, old man, have you seen this girl?

He held up the picture for Vivi to see. Vivi narrowed his eyes and scowled deeply with his fat lips. He reached out and ripped the picture to shreds. Zero watched silently as the pieces of paper floated to the ground.

Vivi: You think you can talk like that to me then expect me to help you, punk? Donít screw around with me!

Angrily, Vivi slammed his fist on the counter. Plates and mugs went flying. A murmur spread throughout the crowd.

Customer: Isn't that Vivi?
Customer 2: You mean the bounty hunter?
Customer 1: I hear he has a bounty of 200,000!
Customer 2: No way!
Customer 3: Oi, someone go help that kid!

The man sitting on the other side of Zero was the only one who wasn't making a fuss. He took a handkerchief out of the pocket of his long beige coat and wiped the soup stains on his shirt. He eyed Zero with great interest.

Vivi: (growling) You listening, chibi?

Zero stood without a word. He faced Vivi with a tense silence that chilled the atmosphere. Vivi eyed the boy warily.

Vivi: What's with you?

Zero glared at Vivi angrily.

Zero: Now how am I supposed to find her without the picture, huh?
Vivi: Huh? Oi, listen to me, kid!

Vivi brought his fist back and hurled it at Zero who simply stood there. Zero smirked, and when Vivi's fist was only an inch away from his face, he brought up his hand. Their fists clashed, and Vivi jumped back, surprised.

Vivi: (surprised) What?
Zero: (sneers) Don't go attacking innocent children like that, old man.
Customer 4: (in awe) Did that kid just-?
Customer 1: Amazing!
Customer 5: Who is he?

Zero cocked his head and smiled at the furious Vivi. Vivi's friend along with five other men approached him.

Vivi's friend: Oi, Vivi! You having trouble with this chibi?
Vivi: (snarls) Shut up! (faces Zero) I'll beat up that puny face of yours, then let's see you talk.

Vivi prepared to punch Zero again. But before his fist met Zero's face, the mysterious man who had been sitting next to Zero leapt forward. He grabbed Zero in one arm and dragged him out of Vivi's reach. He landed gracefully few feet away from the fight. Vivi's fist crashed through the wooden floorboards, sending splinters and bits of wood everywere. The mysterious man used his other hand to secure the hat on his red hair. He had playful green eyes and chuckled lightly.

Mysterious man: My, my. What a mess.
Vivi: W-Who are you?
Mysterious man: (tips his hat) Just a hard-working man who wanted a little break. But, as you can see, I cannot relax in a place like this.
Zero: (looks up from under the man's arm) Let me go, you! (struggles)

The man ignored Zero. He smiled.

Man: Well, then, I'll be taking my leave along with this boy. Bye-bye!

The man ran dateed through the crowd and out the door. Vivi turned and yelled angrily.

Vivi: You bastard! Get back here!

The man ran a great distance with Zero still struggling in his arms. After a while, he stopped in an empty alley and slumped against the brick wall with a sigh of relief.

Man: Ah, that was scary! I thought I was going to be killed! (looks down at Zero) You shouldn't mess with such scary bounty hunters, boy!

Zero scrambled away from the man as soon as he was released from his grip.

Zero: Who the hell are you?
Man: (chuckles) My bad. I'm Revi Essence. Nice to meet you. And you are?
Zero: (warily) Zero. Why did you save me?
Revi: (smiles) I can't leave a little boy to fight a bunch of scary bounty hunters alone!

Zero seemed offended by being referred to as a "little boy."

Zero: (turns head stubbornly) I could've taken care of them myself.
Revi: (nods) That's true. You seem pretty strong. You stood up to the famous Vivi.
Zero: Famous? That old man?
Revi: (nods) He's an infamous bounty hunter. You've never heard of him?
Zero: (shakes head)

Revi crossed his legs and stretched his arms up towards the sky with a grunt.

Revi: Oh, well. By the way, who was that girl you were looking for?
Zero: (fishes through pocket) Oh, she's-Oops, forgot.
Revi: What's her name?
Zero: (looks up at Revi) Misa.

Revi's calm face was replaced with shock. His relaxed posture tensed and he faced the boy.

Revi: ...Did you...say Misa?
Zero: (nods) Yup.
Revi: You mean...Misa...Crossfield?

Zero jumped up at the sound of her name.

Zero: What? Do you know her?
Revi: Um, I know her, but...

Zero sat up with an anxious expression on his face.

Zero: Where is she?
Revi: Um, I don't know. She disappeared three months ago, but...how do you know her?

Zero scratched his head in frustration.

Zero: Tch! This sucks!
Revi: Is she a friend of yours?

Zero looked up at Revi awkwardly.

Zero: I'm...her little brother...
Revi: Little brother?! Really?
Zero: (nods) Yeah.

Revi seemed taken aback.

Revi: A little brother? She never mentioned it...
Zero: (sighs) Of course she didn't. Anyway, how do you know her?

Revi didn't answer. He eyed Zero thoughtfully.

Zero: Hey, I asked-
Revi: (sighs) That's hard to explain. I guess you could say...we're something like business partners.
Zero: (leans in suspiciously) Wait, do you have a thing for her?
Revi: What? (laughs nervously) Ha ha ha, no way!
Zero: (suspiciously) Ehhhhh. What do you mean by business partners?
Revi: (smiles) Want to know?
Zero: Something smells fishy.
Revi: (laughs) Well, we just met, after all. But I'll take you to the place your sister works at under one condition.
Zero: And what's that?

Revi seemed to be enjoying himself.

Revi: You join us.
Zero: Join you?
Revi: (nods) Yup. You fill in for your sister.
Zero: And that was...?

Revi stood up and dusted off his clothes. He held up his index finger to his mouth secretly and winked.

Revi: I'll tell you when we get there. So...(holds out hand) Do we have a deal?

Zero inspected Revi's hand warily.

Zero: Can I really trust this guy?

Revi waited with his hand outstretched, smiling.

Zero: He's sort of strange...(sighs)

Zero grabbed Revi's hand.

Zero: Deal.
Revi: (beams) Okay! That's that, then!

Revi heaved Zero onto his feet. He peeked out of the alley to make sure there were no bounty hunters, then turned back to the boy.

Revi: Now, let's go, partner!
Zero: (angrily) Who said I was your partner?

Revi ignored Zero's ranting and started walking. The sun shone bright high up in the clear blue sky. Zero followed Revi grumpily, while Revi was humming with his arms swinging back and forth. Zero glanced up at the sun and held up a hand to shield his eyes.

Zero: Misa. You were like this sun. Shining in the clear blue and warming me with your gentle touch.
Revi: Zero-kun? Hurry, hurry!

Zero stared straight ahead and ran to catch up to Revi.

Zero: Am I walking down the right path that will lead to you?