The forums have been undergoing quite a bit of change recently. One of these changes is that new users cannot post links until they've reached a certain post count. What does this mean? It means that if you are relatively new, and you attempt to make a post or create a thread that contains links, it will not show up for anyone besides the mods and admins (no normal users, including you, can see it). This means that your post/thread is pending moderator approval. Once I or an admin approves the post/thread, it will be viewable to everyone else.

So, if you just made a post or started a thread, and it's not showing up, this is probably why. Do NOT proceed to make the same post over and over and over, or create the same thread multiple times. Doing that will not help make your post or thread appear, and only gives me more work to do (since I still see all the posts and threads, and have to go through and delete the multiple copies).

I'll try to stay on top of things, as far as catching which posts and threads are pending approval. If you want, though, you could PM me or reply to this thread if you made a post that won't show up. I'll respond to the PM or comment as soon as possible. So again, please do not repost multiple times, but wait for me to approve the post.

Thank you.