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Thread: Anyone like Three Days Grace?

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    Cool Anyone like Three Days Grace?

    Three Days Grace is one of my favourite bands of all time. I love to listen to the CD I bought, and if there's a concert near me, I usually go.

    The Band:

    Adam Gontier - Lead Vocals, Guitar
    Neil Sanderson - Drums
    Brad Walst - Bass guitar, vocals
    Barry Stock - Lead Guitar

    Some Song Titles:

    Animal I have Become
    Get Out Alive
    I Hate Everything About You
    Just Like You
    Let It Die
    Never Too Late
    On My Own
    Running Away
    Take Me Under
    Wake Up

    I don't really know much about the band, but I really love how their style is. Anyone who has seen, heard, or has heard about Three Days Grace, feel free to post! (Just a question to those who know them, what is your favourite song??)

    Have a merry Christmas all!
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