I check the main forum, there was no thread, so here it is.

I've been listening to AKFG for about four years now, and their popularity has sky-rocketed, greatly in part to their songs "Rewrite" and "Haruka Kanata" appearing in FullMetalAlchemist and Naruto, respectively.
I only know of a few diehard fans of them on this forum, so I figure this will be a good way to lure you all out.
So, do any of you have any AKFG albums? Favorite songs? Favorite PV?

I have Sol-Fa, though I have no idea where it is, Fanclub, and Feedback file, as well as most of their single albums from the past 4 years. My favorite song is "Jihei Tansaku", and my favorite PV is the one for "Blue Train".

How about the rest of you?