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Thread: Sign Up: Summoner School

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    Default Sign Up: Summoner School

    (yes it was approved by LPS)

    Summoner School

    B. History of the RPG :

    There exists a world beyond our own that has existed for as long as humanity was able to tell stories, a world where emotions, desire, dreams and energy are one. This world was given many names throughout History but it is most widely known simply as ‘the Dreaming’. This strange universe is not something the human mind may comprehend, but it is filled with fantastical entities that may be contacted by certain rare individuals. These rare individuals can establish an empathic link with those entity and with enough psychic energy and training allow them to breach the barrier of reality and enter our world for a limited amount of time. These individuals have also been given many names and treated differently depending on time and place. Sometime worshipped as gods, sometime hunted down as witches, but today they are called Summoners.

    In this modern era Summoners are a valued and respected part of the population. Experts estimate that an average of 5% of a country’s population is a potential Summoner. A country with a larger percentage, such as Japan and it’s record breaking 9% is considered to have a huge advantage on the international level. Why? Because Summoner not only establish a link with creatures from an another world and summon them, but they can also make them perform tasks. The creatures, now known under the scientific term TPM (Transdimensional Psionic Manifestation), come in many sizes and shapes and can be convinced to handle many different tasks: transport, cargo handling, construction, gladiatorial combat and even…war.

    Summoners establish links to TPMs through meditation, and more rarely in dreams, and once that link is established the Summoner can summon the TPM to this world. A Summoner usually only has a small number of TPMs at his or her disposal (between 1 and 4 mostly), but there connection is strong. Summoner communicate with TPMs through an empathic link: in other words they communicate through emotions and desires rather than words and thoughts. Overtime the two develop a close bond. The more psionic energy a Summoner possess, the longer the TPM can remain in our world, once that energy is deplete the TPM returns to the Dreaming and most of the time the strain causes the Summoner to pass out. A TPM might also retreat after sustaining too much damage (from other TPMs as physical attacks cannot harm a TPM) or simply after being ordered to do so by its Summoner. It is interesting to note that the larger a TPM is, the longer it takes to cross the dimensional barrier.

    To control and help train Summoners to allow them better control of their abilities most governments on Earth have created special Summoner Schools. Those schools offer all the standard classes of their respective educational system in addition to special classes on TPMs and Summoning of them. Most get into those schools at age 14 and graduate at age 18. Teachers for the normal classes are usually normal humans, while the principals and teachers for the summoning classes and physical education classes are Summoners themselves.

    While most schools are respectable institutions, there exists some with bad reputations. One particular school is the North District Summoners School in Tokyo. This boarding school is known for harboring bullies and delinquents that were expelled from other summoning school and for rumors that the seedy Principal, Mr. Hinokuro, might have ties with the Yakuzas… It is also well known that the Principal not only accept but encourages students to solve any conflicts, even the most minor ones, through an official TPM battle. For that purpose a classification of matches was established:

    Blue Matches: 1 TPM versus 1 TPM with no substitution. The first TPM to retreat loses.

    Green Matches: In this situation a Summoner may summon all TPMs at his or her disposition, either one by one or all together. The first Summoner to have no TPM out loses.

    Red Matches: 1 TPM versus 1 TPM until the retreat of one of the TPMs just like a Blue Match. The difference here is that the TPM might assault the opposing Summoner directly. It is also allowed for Summoners to be involved in battle with each other, but fighting takes concentration away from maintaining contact with the TPM.

    Orange Matches: This type of match combines the Green Match’s free-for-all style with the ruthless style of the Red Match. Those are the most dangerous and rarest kind of matches.

    Now a new school year is about to begin and new students flock to the North School. Perhaps you are one of them, maybe you have been there for a few years or maybe you are a teacher, but one thing’s certain: this year is going to be unlike any other…

    (What follows is a few more explanations on TPMs.)

    TPMs are divided into 5 groups: Chimeras, Greens, Animates, Nightmares and Fey. Furthermore each TPM belongs to one of four Archetype (or type) that are further divided into positive and negative polarities: A, D, C and U.

    The groups, save for the rare Fey group, are distinguished based on nothing more than appearance and have no bearing on abilities.

    Chimeras: Chimeras are any TPMs that ressemble natural animals, wether in parts or in whole. They are usually like the similarly named monster of Greek mythology, an assembly of various physical traits from different animals.

    Greens: These TPMs could either pass as plants or as insects. They often have a deep connection with nature and forests.

    Animates: This group consist of all TPMs in the shapes of objects that should not be alive and able to move on their own. Animates look almost artificials.

    Nightmares: As their name indicates Nightmares are the stuff of nightmares. They are the most frightening of TPMs with appearances that should not exists except in the mind of the most deranged horror writers.

    Fey: Fey are the rarest of the rares and a unique group. Rather than appearances it is abilities that make a TPM part of that group (in fact most Fey TPMs start out classified in another group and only move to this one once their abilities is discovered), for Fey TPMs are the only ones who can wield the powers of Light, Blessing and Healing.

    Archetypes describes the personality of the TPM. Since TPMs are born of emotions their personality heavily influences what kind of abilities they possess.

    A: A stands for ‘aggressive’. A types love to fight with each other and can become hard to handle when summoned for another task. When called to our world they will usually directly attack the object of their Summoner’s aggressive feeling without waiting for orders. Positive A (+A) are known as loyal and honorable warriors and will never strike a downed opponent but they still enjoy battle. In contrast Negative A (-A) are best described as brutal, to the point of being considered the fiercest fighters of all TPMs. A types are most commonly associated with the powers of Fire and Shadow. They sometime have battle abilities that inflict more and more damage over time and they are also the most skilled in combat.

    D: D stands for ‘defender’. D types defend their Summoner at all cost, it is their number 1 priority. When Summoned in a battle situation they automatically assume a defensive position between the opponent and their Summoner. Outside of battles D types are best suited for tasks that require lots of physical strength. +D feel compelled to protect anyone in danger and help others, not just their Summoner. Meanwhile –D, while they do remain fiercely loyal, don’t consider other humans, especially non-Summoner, ‘worthy’ of their protections and will just ignore them. D types most often possess either the power of Metal or the power of Earth.

    C: C stands for ‘calm’. Unlike the other Archetypes C types wait before acting when summoned, even in the middle of a heated battle. They are calm, never act harshly and look unassuming. However an angered C type can unleash a devastating force. In battle they prefer to dodge and flow with the opponent’s attacks before counter-attacking at the right moment. +C are aloft and exude an aura of calming wisdom that has a beneficial effect on their Summoner and all those around them. –C are cautious to the point of laziness and it takes much convincing to make them act, but they are also the most dangerous of C types when in a fury. C types are perfectly compatible with the powers of Water and Ice.

    U: U stands for ‘unpredictable’. As the name hints you can never know what a U type will do when summoned. Their moods are ever changing and they are very curious of everything in our world, but are often difficult to work with in a serious environement. In battle U type TPMs rely on speed and trickery (including many debilitating effects) rather than strength or careful skill. +U are the most friendly of all TPMs, enjoying trips to our world for no other reason than to explore it. +U are mischievous, yes, but always in good taste. The –U types are real tricksters, use all the dirty play in the books in battle and are known for incredible mood swings in a matter of seconds. A –U left to its own device will cause trouble all around. Their nature makes them naturals at controlling the powers of Air(which also includes Sound) and Lightening.

    C-Sample Character Sheets:

    For Humans:

    Name (Family name first, this is Japan):
    TPM(s) at the beginning of the story (If any):
    Maximum Summoning Time:

    For TPMs:

    Special Attack(s):

    D-Sample Characters (I'll play the humans with physical descriptions (and their TPMs), the rest are up for grab) :

    Name: Burako Limito
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male
    Occupation: Student in Class 1-B
    TPM(s) at the beginning of the story : Branlud
    Maximum Summoning Time: 25 min.
    Appearance: Limito is a short kid still waiting for puberty induce growth spurts. He has short blue hair and black eyes. He prefers the short vest version of the school’s uniform that he keeps buttoned up most of the time.
    Personality: Limito is very shy. He doesn’t feel at home at the North School and find it difficult to make friends and yet most others find him really likeable. TPM battles give him excitement he never experienced before and he likes it, but he also feels guilty for putting Branlud in danger, even if the TPM enjoys it as well. He has a strong bond with Branlud, whom he consider his closest friend.
    Bio: Limito is a single child and his mother died in a card accident when he was a kid and his father, Tashiro, has yet to find someone else. Limito only recently discovered he was a Summoner after making contact with Branlud through a dream. Being so late in the registration process for Summoner Schools his father could only get him into the North District School, far from the family home. Limito lost contact with the few friends he had when moving to his dorm room at the North District School. Being an avid reader all his youth he’d rather become an author of some sort rather than a professional Summoner.

    Name: Hinokuro Genji
    Age: 46
    Gender: Male
    Occupation: Principal of the school.
    TPM(s) at the beginning of the story: Sullah, Rader, Slimeye
    Maximum Summoning Time: 2 hours
    Appearance: Mr. Hinokuro is a tall burly man with black hair and a piercing cold grey stare. His square chin seem constantly covered with a five o’clock shadow, even in the morning. He always wear a black suit with a red tie. He seems to be in top physical shape.
    Personality: Genji values victory and strength over anything. He seems to have a cold hearted determination to make his students the most powerful Summoner around for motivation that only he understands. He turns a blind eye to bullying in his school and scolds students that loose official matches. He also likes to be in control of his domain and do not take kindly to teachers who hide things from him or people who tell him how to run HIS school. He has a gambler side that make him take blind risks.
    Bio: Hinokuro Genji started his career in Summoner education as one of the most demanding physical education teacher around, often being fired or transferred off after being a little too hard on a physically weaker student. One day, somehow, he was appointed principal of the North District Summoner School. Some say he had ‘special’ connections that helped him get the job. Now he rules the school with an iron grip using his ‘Hall Monitors’ (usually the worse delinquents) as his henchman and everyone in the staff and student body fears his wrath. Even though his school has some impressive students it always seem to produce graduates with below average grades, a suspicious mystery that he never seem to bother with…

    Name: Hoshino Yuki
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Occupation: Student in Class 2-A
    TPM(s) at the beginning of the story: Titania, Wintrena
    Maximum Summoning Time: 50 min.
    Appearance: (I’ll let the person that decides to play him decribe him. Just know he’s meant to be a Bishie character)
    Personality: Cool and collected is the best way to describe Yuki. Snob is also another way to describe him. Yuki is loved by all and he knows it, causing him to appear full of himself. To make matter worse he’s a lousy loser. Yuki has redeeming traits off course, but they take time to discover.
    Bio: Yuki comes from a rich family in the fashion business. When he arrived at the school he quickly rose to be the best of the first year, proving a grade-A student in every discipline, and even defeated some graduating students! He is adored by all the girls, the envy of all the boys and the favorite student of all the teachers.

    Name: Kompassu Karamel (but she prefers to be called ‘Kara’)
    Age: 14
    Gender: Female
    Occupation: Student in Class 1-B
    TPM(s) at the beginning of the story: Mo-kun
    Maximum Summoning Time: 30 min.
    Appearance: (I’ll let the player of this character decide)
    Personality: Kara loves to rush through life at full speed, dashing head on into any situation, even dangerous ones. Kara dreams of an adventurous life in wild uncharted lands. She’s always talking about trips she’d love to take and wild projects for when she graduates. Kara doesn’t really like being cooped up in the city and would rather be out hiking.
    Bio: Kara comes from the country side of Japan, daughter of a couple of farmers, her great energy interfered with her school work. To try to calm her down her parents got her enrolled in a local Buddhist meditation class and it is during those sessions that she created her link with Mo-kun. Her grades sadly didn’t improve and so the only school she could get admittance to was the North District School.

    Name : Date Noriko
    Age: 27
    Gender: Female
    Occupation: History Teacher, Home Room teacher for Class 1-B
    TPM(s) at the beginning of the story: N/A
    Maximum Summoning Time: N/A
    Appearance: (I’ll let the player decide)
    Personality: Upbeat and caring for her student. She is hard to get down and loves teaching History. Noriko is not someone to underestimate and will always fight back when she knows she or her students were wronged.
    Bio: Noriko was hired at the beginning of the new year to replace a retiring teacher. Not much else is known about this Osaka-native’s past and she doesn’t like to talk about her private life. She is not a Summoner but seem to be very knowledgeable about TPM battles, crediting this to her being a long time fan of the professional gladiatorial battle league (JPGBL).

    Name: Branlud
    Summoner: Limito
    Gender: Male
    Group: Chimera
    Archetype: +U
    Power(s): Lightening
    Special Attack(s): Lightening Bolt, Thunderbird Dive
    Description: Branlud is a TPM that has the rough look, and size, of a north american raven. He has eerily human blue eyes, a yellow diamond-shaped jewel adorning his forehead and a silver metal collar around his neck. Whenever he uses his lightening ability an intricate network of white line spread all over his feathers from the jewel on his forehead, jewel that is the origin of his Lightening Bolt attacks. When performing the Thunderbird Dive he dives down toward an opponent while simultaneously spinning and charging his entire body with electricity. Branlud is a playful TPM that really enjoy the company of Limito.

    Name: Sullah
    Summoner: Genji
    Gender: Male
    Group: Nightmare
    Archetype: +A
    Power(s): Fire
    Special Attack(s): Darkfire Roar, Copper Scale
    Description: Sullah is a ferocious TPM that is about the size of a real lion and has a similar body built, only entirely covered in copper colored scales. Sullah’s head is constantly engulfed in an inferno of black flames in which orange eyes glow brightly. Sullah can fire powerful burst of black flames and by swinging his tail around he can propel sharp scales at the enemy. A wound caused by one of those scales will take longer to heal than a normal wound. Sullah is an honorable fighter and will not obey an order from his Summoner that would make him act in an unhonorable fashion. This used to cause friction with Genji, but the man learned to accept his TPM’s limitation.

    Name: Rader
    Summoner: Genji
    Gender: Female
    Group: Chimera
    Archetype: -A
    Power(s): Shadow
    Special Attack(s): Venom Bite, Rodent Web
    Description: Rader is a small TPM that look like a strange cross between a rat and a spider (hence the name). She is a big red-furred rat with eight hairy spider legs and has green eyes. Rader is often seen in the company of the principal, like a pet, and can be used to threatened people easily has her small size makes her a quick summon. Rader’s ferocious bite carry a potent venom that, while not lethal, can make even an elephant faint in a short amount of time. Rader can also shoot webbing to use either as a grappling hook/swing line or to capture preys. She is a specialist at stalking and ambush tactics.

    Name: Slimeye
    Summoner: Genji
    Gender: Unknown
    Group: Nightmare
    Archetype: -C
    Power(s): Water
    Special Attack(s): Slime Ball, Slime Flow
    Description: A mysterious TPM that is quite simply a giant hovering eyeball covered in a substance that can only be described as a green-tinted translucent slime. This slime slowly drips down on the ground, leaving a trail wherever Slimeye floats. The slime also seem to act as a defense mechanism as it absorbs a lot of attacks and soften physical blows. In combat Slimeye usually just hover on the sideline, only providing help to allies by firing different amount of its slime to immobilize opponents. It is very difficult to escape it’s secretion. Its Slime Flow attack has the same kind of kinetic force as a fireman’s hose, throwing targets against hard surfaces.

    Name: Titania
    Summoner: Yuki
    Gender: Female
    Group: Fey
    Archetype: +C
    Power(s): Ice, Light
    Special Attack(s): Crystal Shower, Light Burst, Prismatic Aurora
    Description: Titania is one of the smallest TPM in the School, but she is also one of the most powerful one. She has the appearance of a traditional fairy in a blue body suit with white hair, black eyes and icy colored translucent fairy wings. Not only can she shower someone with sharp ice crystal, but she can blind opponents and even create illusionary images of herself. Her most powerful attack is the Prismatic Aurora in which she creates a giant ice prism that she then uses to refract light into a multitude of rainbow colored beams that can strike multiple opponents. She consider herself a thing of majestic beauty.

    Name: Wintrena
    Summoner: Yuki
    Gender: Female
    Group: Chimera
    Archetype: -C
    Power(s): Ice
    Special Attack(s): Snow Flurry, Freezing Beam
    Description: Wintrena look like a majestic purely white artic fox with rich fur and a very large fluffy tail. About the size of a Sheppard dog Wintrena moves with the grace and swiftness of the wind and she is said to not leave footprints even on the freshest snow. Her eyes shimmer with an unreal white light and her back and forehead is adorned by blue jewel. Wherever she goes Wintrena is constantly orbited by five fist-size snow crystal that can hover a fair distance from the ground. Those giant snow flakes can block attacks and cut as if they were made of metal. Her Snow Flurry is performed by creating a snow storm and sending her snow flakes to attack while her opponent is blinded. Wintrena is also able to freeze target. She is a very vain TPM, rarely accepting to ‘dirty’ herself in battle.

    Name: Mo-kun
    Summoner: Kara
    Gender: Male
    Group: Animate
    Archetype: +D
    Power(s): Earth
    Special Attack(s): Guardian Wall, Guardian Punch
    Description: Mo-kun is basically a six foot tall walking Moai (Easter Island statue) with stubby arms and legs too small compared to his oversized head. Mo-kun is capable of shooting his fist like a cannonball and summon Moais from the ground to form a protective barrier. He often uses this move to protect Kara. Mo-kun is prone to fits of panic and worry for he often has to protect Kara from even herself.


    Character list:

    Undrave Limito: Burako Limito/14/Male (1-A)
    Undrave Limito: Hinokuro Genji/46/Male (Principal)
    Undrave Limito: Murata Baki/15/Male (2-A)

    MaruDashi: Ichihara Kaede/17/Female (4-A)

    red storm: Fuyiyama Kumiko/16/Female (3-A)

    Seikyu Kiba: Nagasagi Vaan/17/Male (4-A)

    Breaden "Luzy" Swordwind: Kasch Ritter/17/Male (4-B)

    faro domisai: Shinku Fox/15/Male (2-A)

    Tetsanosuke: Kurasume Kazuhiko/17/Male (4-B)
    Tetsanosuke: Raishin Ratori/18/Male (5-A)

    Natu Utan: Kazuna Rumiko/28/Male (teacher, 2-A)

    Fionn Mac: Doyle Declan/17/Male (4-B)

    I am your stalker: Hardy Heather/17/Female (4-C)

    Kuriyu: Tenkyuu Yonaki/14/Female (1-A)

    viperoushel: Roch'ksh Runyadu/18/Male (5-A)

    Ayumi Saruwatari: Saruwatari Ayumi/16/Female (3-B)

    Kyuubi Naruto: Shiro Kimona/17/Male (4-C)

    Pengin-San: Watanabe Shizuka/15/Female (2-A)

    Emo is the name: Yameta Hikaru/16/Male (3-B)

    samuriagent: Claude Renverser/26/Male (teacher, 3-B)

    Viper Soul: Reinakumo Seiyaku/17/Male (4-C)

    Aura of the Twilight: Ayomi Ameena/17/Female (4-C)

    fox demon naruto: Raidon Wada/16/Male (3-A)
    fox demon naruto: Hakuro Ichigo/25/Male (teacher 4-A)

    FullMetalAlchemist997: Kuritsumi Yuki/16/Female (3-A)

    Narona: Komaru Pastisu Karuan/14/Female (no problem with you taking the character, just make her 14 to fit in better) (1-A)

    ThunderBird: Kuroushi Raisuke/16/Male (3-A)

    Mitarisorceress12: Nekozawa Mint/15/Female (2-A)

    Astalle: Ranmaru Jing/14/Male (1-A)

    So there we have the characters so far.

    Signs up are open once again people! So report to the last page if you are interested to join!
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