Title: Boukyaku no Senritsu
Kanji/Kana: 忘却の旋律
English: Melody of Oblivion
Synonym: Forgotten Melody
Genre: Action, Dementia, Mecha, SciFi
Episodes: 24
Year: 07.04.2004 till 22.09.2004
Companies: GAINAX, J.C.STAFF, Kadokawa Shoten, Ken Media, TBS, Victor Entertainment

In the 20th century, an all-out war between the human race and monsters occurred. The defeated humans left behind the hope of the human race. However, time has passed and this has been forgotten. However, one day, a high school student named Bocca, who yearns to be the Soldier of Meros, suddenly awakens as a Soldier of Meros. He then goes on a journey to find a girl called Bokyaku no Senritsu, who only the Soldier of Meros can see.

Story (7/10):
Hm, must say, strange, mysterious, funny at some time … and kinda interesting.
Key, the flying motorcycles (called ivermaschines) are kinda stupid but still somehow interesting. The whole story is quite mysterious … what are monsters in reality, why do Meros warriors fight and what is that “Melody of Oblivion” in reality?
Thought, like usual, children fighting for the words sake, that’s getting kinda boring.
Hm, ending … let’s see, it’s kinda happy and kinda sad, happy for some chars, sad for some …
If you think that Evangelion is confusing … try watching this anime Since I’m a fan of such complicated stories, I kinda liked it ^_^:

Animation (8/10):
Let’s see, not bad, it really fits with the mood of the story. The chars are quite well drawn, just, girls looks kinda too grown up for their age (must say, like usual xD). The scenery is also well drawn, mostly dark and “red” so that it fits the story.

Music and voice acting (7/10):
Music is really good, it really fits with the mood, kinda dark and mysterious. There’s quite a lot of strings music. The opening and ending songs are also quite good ^_^
The char voices are also quite well chosen. I was just annoyed by that “echo, my Meros” thing, since they kept repeating it like mostly always before any of their “attacks” …

Characters (6/10):
Lets see, quite a lot different chars, 4 Meros warriors (yeah, only 4) and 5 ivermachines in total (human shaped “androids” that transforms into motorcycles). Mah, you can say some of them are interesting, some kinda pointless.

Overall (7/10):
In the end, it’s a quite good anime, really interesting and mysterious. It may be boring for some, since there aren’t only fights in the series, but quite some scenes that make you think.
Thought, I kinda missed some other weapons among the Meros warriors (except the bow-variation-stuff), and as I said before … only 4 heroes … at least one thing is good: there isn’t all over happy ending (key, except for the main char …).