Koge Donbo-sensei's most adorable manga ever has......A SEQUEL, "Kamichama Karin Chu". The first volume is currently only available in Japanese. I scanned the cover for you though. =)

Clicknsie for spoilers

The battle now over, Karin and Kazune are happily living together until they wake up to a little child who gives Karin a new ring and tells her that he comes from the future and she must find three gods in order to save him...Karin and Kazune's future SON! A new character Jin makes his appearance, calling Karin his "goddess" and pissing Kazune off the to the extreme...

Thoughts on the new series:

I totally love it. Karin has really matured and she's hardly ditzy anymore. She's the one who breaks up Kazune and Jin's childish fights and keeps them in line. Kazune's new transformation is really cool and Karin's is even cuter than it was before. Koge-sensei is and always will be the genius of cute! Not only is this my favorite Koge series, it's one of my favorite manga of all time!

There is an omake chapter in the back of the book featuring a story that takes place before the events of "Chu" where Kazune plans on leaving for England and Karin makes all efforts to stop him. xD

The funniest part of the manga, translated by me. ^^

The above scene totally killed me. Well not really, but I was laughing at it for at least 15 minutes.