I know this forum has a few avid sword collectors...At least those who collect decorative swords.

Alright, I normally have 440 steel swords for display purpose.
However, I'm getting two decortative replica swords. The first being Sephiroths Masamune (68 inches) And Ichigo's Tensa Zangetsu (Bankai version, for some reason...Also 68 inches long). They are both high carbon steel.
So... For this type of steel, what kind of oil/grease/wax would be best to use?
Also, I never tend to listen to websites when they say "Use solvent to remove the factory grease". However, I've taken a liking in both of these swords and would actually like to give them 100% proper care. So what type and brand of solvent would be best to use?

Also...I guess this thread can be used for other peoples questions or something.