Type: TV series, manga,

Episodes: 24
Genre: Adventure, Drama, Romance, Science Fiction

Company: Bandai

Plot synopsis: The main character is Haruka which is a 12 year old girl who goes to school and lives with her mother. Yuu, who is Haruka's childhood friend, studies hard to go to Tokyo. When Haruka and Yuu we young they promised to run away together. On the other hand, Yuu from 15 years into the future appears tries to capture Haruka who has the Dragonís Torque. At the same time many of the events and friendships go back and forth between time and spaceÖ

Story (9/10)

The story is very unique in that the story it self takes place in not one place in time. From the past to the present to future, the events in which occur are well set and again well balanced. The best part about this anime is the storyís ability to change from one setting to the other without disturbance or confusion.

Characters (9/10)

The characters are also very unique in that there are two Yuu and so on. Plus the ties to the present Yuu to the future Yuu are fabulously nit together. Just like Yuu, other characters are also that way which make the whole series so exciting.

Art/animation (8/10)

The animation has NO blood in it, in fact Noein is rather very clean in this way. Also what makes the animation excellent is that many of the characterís powers are explainable or connected scientifically. The art of Noein is different in that the pictures not totally clear like other animations but more artistically (this is my opinion).

Voice acting, music (8/10)

I am not really knowledgeable in the voice acting area. Though music to Noein is unlike any other animation series I hear before. The music well fits the animation. Noein ost has many strings songs, piano songs but most of the songs are rather light and orchestra like.

Overall (9/10)

Noein is sadly an anime over looked and itís able to get much attention. I heard that Noein wasnít able to air in japan or anywhere else. Also Noein didnít make it to the top list either but I would recommend watching this anime to everyone. Noein is simply a wonderful anime.

This my first review so please pm me if anything needs changing, or anything at all =)