Well ive waited for this news to come for a few years im glad they finally decided to make the north American full version of gunz for those of you who play the international version then this is no surprise but to the rest check it out. www.ijji.com (and if u dont live in the us try playing the international version at www.gunzonline.com ) the only thing it has atm is a review board, closed beta testing starts in late October so be on alert, im not sure if u can sign up for the testing yet but you should any day now.

(if ive violated any rule about posting or advertising websites im sorry so Ill add a question xD)

Does any one here play Gunz? if so tell me your name and what style you prefer to play with. whats your favorite sword and weapon. and along with your favorite server to hang out in. also add ur lvl and any other interesting things you know.

kk here are my stats.

Name: -Cruise-

lvl: 24
Server: one and two
Fave gun: Shotty Breaker six and seven

Fave Sword: Rusty Sword

Fave Clothes: Denim Jeans, Eurik Long Coat, Leather Sheep Gloves, and iron boots.

Hair: Short Blond

Fave style: K (Korean) style, hs (half step) and ss (Side Step)

Wall Clime Tech: FS (Flash Step)

Current Clan: --7--

Old Clans: S.W.A.T, Leet Freaker, Explicit illicit, Fast Step, X Factor, The Forsaken and --Geishas--.

Prev Charrs: -ClK-W!s3_ lvl 13, xArtemisx lvl35, DigitalChaos lvl58.

thats all I can think of xD oh and my fave map is Dungeon (really big place with allot of room to fs all over the place >.<)


(and again sorry to be advertising other websites I remember mods didnt like that.)