Its about somone who gets betrayed. Its nothing personal or emotional or someting i just hope you like it.

Poem betrayed.

Im no more worthy to be youre friend you say ?
I can remember how you sayd I never wil betray you.
But stil I guess you have a hearth of clay.
Stil you made me so sad mine tears are pure blue.

Wy did you do this ?
I miss you I cant live anymore.
But now youre on mine hate list.
I just wanna drown myself then my dead body wil reach the shore.

Stil wy just wy you always said we would be hapy together.
Youre hearth was mine crystal.
But now its al over our love is so light as a feather.
Stil you missed my long call.

I thought this was for enternity.
I think i have to stop thinking youre just a demonic human.
But wy didint you see.
But I promise you I wil let you see wat I can.

I wil hunt you down.
I wil tear you apart like a big bear.
I wil steal youre demonic crown.
I wil not even leave one tear.

I dont fear you anymore i already died.
I dont know how that could be.
I think it began when you lied.
I just cant see.

Mine mind.
Its al sick.
Im just blind.
But i want to give you mine best kick.