Plotline: 9.5/10: Who doesn't like a good ol' romance AniMe splashed with two fighting angels? DNAngel has one of the best plotlines I've seen in years. Daisuke gets with the girl he loves, I mean who doesn't love a happy ending? The only problem for me was that the AniMe didn't follow the ManGa timeline. They followed the basic plotline, but not the timeline in which the ManGa took.

Characters: 10/10: A not so simple boy, twin sisters, a pretty-boy thieve, a homicidal angel, this AniMe's character are impressive and are not like anything I've seen...except Hiwatari. Each character has his/her each own cool personalty, and each important. Actually Krad is in my top 10 AniMe characters!

Animation: 10/10: The animation was neatly detailed, well shaded, and left me with the feeling of newer AniMe. After for an s AniMe that shows off art they can't have any room for error.

Audio/Music: 10/10: The opening for DNAngel really good. The song played well with the chosen animation they used. The closing for the first 25 episodes was ok. The last closing was my favorite. The background music gave me a sense of what the characters were feeling. The dubbing for DNAngel was one of the best jobs done. They didn't screw-up on the voices like most other AniMe dubs.

Overall: 10/10: This is one of the best AniMes to ever exist. Definintly in my top 5. It has one of those "make your girlfriend cry" endings, great animation, music, dubbing, characters, all around awesome! I suggest for those of you who haven't seen it to watch it.