I've posted something similar to what I'm posting right now, on a couple of Hunger Games message forums. But I'm a bit unsure if I should really reboot one of my more well accepted Hunger Games fanfiction series. Naturally I would jump at the opportunity, if I didn't have some other projects that I'm still working on alongside my Card Master: Vanguard story. Plus as of late I've been uninspired and not in the mood to write Hunger Games fanfiction anymore. You can read the Memorial games series on my fanfiction profile right here: http://www.fanfiction.net/u/54049/GX7

The proper chronological order is as follows.

Last Moments: Before The Memorial Games
The First Annual Memorial Games
Real or Not Real: Memorial Games 2
Endgame: Memorial games 3 (Never Completed)

The last one on that list I just got bored writing the Reaping scenes and just gave up.