I had this poem lying in my notebook for awhile. Might as well share it.
Rainy Wishes & Thoughts
A lonely girl stands at the corner of the street
Where her feet, rain, & tears meet

Drenching her flats, & mini barrettes
The rain come down, wasihng her dreams away

Thinking of suicide, so she won't ever exist
As her blood floats & splatters amongst the mist

She knows she can't do it
Thought she has tried
Every attempt goes wrong
So there's no suicide

She holds in her feelings
Trapped within her heart
She needs to release
Before she falls apart

The lonely girl still stands
At the corner of the street
Waiting for an answer
A place to retreat

Though she can't die
She'll lie about her attempts
So no one will know it
That way, no one will intercept

Still shew ill stand at the corner of the street
Where her knife, skin, & blood are destined to meet

Dreanched in her nightmares & secerts scars
Knwoing that death isn't too far