Sabel wandered around pushing off time for some reason she didn't pay attention to the whistles soemthing she normally would not do under any circumstances. She had not idea why she was in such a morbid mood. What had the fight done to her? Aroused a worry that hadn't really been there. The answer came to her she brushed it off. The way Yoshiro had addressed her in a softer tone even with his charasmatic Oye was so different from the man she knew. But what reason would she have to worry about Mia she could've beaten MARTIS sooner than she was allowed. Unnessecery worry that's what it was worry she hadn't felt since...was it that long had she been that wrapped up in the attention...yes that was the truly sad part she hadn't that much worry since her husband had gotten sick. She sighed nothing would've been better than the party time arriving. The clocks seemed to move against her wanting her drown in the memories.