Title: Devil & Devil, デビデビ

Author: Yuki Miyoshi

Publisher: Shogakukan Productions CO.

Licenced in french by Pika Édition

Length 15 volumes.

Status: Finished

First Volume release: March 1998 (Japan), March 2003 (France

Latest Volume release: November 2000 (final Japanese release), October 2005 (Final French release.)

Main Characters: Devil Sword, Angel Ios, Nanami, Amano Souma, Amano

Supportin Characters: Garvera (Devil), Shiva (Devil), Sharo (Devil, Daughter of Satan), Bat Cat (Devil), Shekil (Angel), Ranfuu (Human), Mizuno (Human)

Plot: Once again, a war is brewing between heaven and hell and in the middle is the devil Sword and his archenemy, the angel Ios. Locked in their 101st battle, they each force the other down to earth, where they unwittingly possess the bodies of twin brothers, Souma & Kanna. Ios, a gangster, and Sword, a nerd, learn to work together in defeating the endless stream of devils and possibly even regain their bodies.


Plot 9/10: The whole good versus evil thing is overdone and the plot is simple to begin with but the plot twists at the end more than make up for it.

Character 9/10: Characters are likeable but there personality is always the same ex sword always acts tuff, and Io's always calm and gentle. But the moments when it counts both change their attitude completley.

Art 9/10: For a Manga it was brilliant i would love to see an anime made im currently looking to see if their was one. Lots of times Under developed or no background but you can expect that in a manga.

Overall 9/10: It was good, decent length, action scenes were good and not very repetitive. It doesn't get boring all the way through. Battles not overly long but alot to short 2-3 pages and big battles end which sorta stunk.

Reccomends: To anyone who likes Action, Adventure, and comedy. Romance isn't a main factor but their are hints at it here and their. Would reccomend to Naruto and bleach fans.