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Thread: The Rose Garden

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    Default The Rose Garden

    There is a hidden garden somewhere in the world and it is said the roses are like no other
    Each one of the roses have a meaning to them
    The red ones stands for Love
    The pink ones stand for Harmony
    The Yellow one stand for Caring
    The light freen one stands for Peace
    The orange one stands for Brave
    The Purple one stands for Strong
    The Indego one stands for Thankful
    Those are the very few of the roses colors but those are the good one
    It is said that there is another half of the garden that is very rare to see
    Not many people know about that half of the garden because the roses bloom only at night
    But each one of those roses stand for something also
    The blac ones stand for Hate
    The light Grey ones stand for Lonly
    The dark grey onnes stand for Crule
    The dark blue ones stand for Mean
    The bloody red ones stand for Hell
    Those are the very few flowers none in that garden
    But there is one that is very rare and very hard to find
    It is said that there is only one person who has seen this rose
    It is the White rose
    Some people say the White rose stands for Love Forever
    Some people say the white rose stands for Heaven
    No one knows what the rose stands for
    Some people don't even think the White rose exsists but I think it does
    __________________________________________________ ________________________
    Okay I was just bored and happened to run into my other forum I made so I decided to make this. If you would like to know what rose you are PM me and I'll send you a test Hope you like it ^^
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