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Thread: Naruto Fanfiction: I Think I've Finally Found Him...QUIT LAUGHING KANKURO!! (3)

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    Default Naruto Fanfiction: I Think I've Finally Found Him...QUIT LAUGHING KANKURO!! (3)

    Chapter 3 - 'Deadly' Information

    His arms around me, our foreheads touching, I close me eyes...

    "Ah!" I bolted upright in bed, wondering what in the world gave me the idea for the dream I'd just had. "Oh well, dreams are completely random sometimes." I said to myself, getting out of bed. "Geez, it's freezing! Kankuro turned the air conditioner up too high again, if he does this one more time...."I mumbled to myself as I wrapped myself in a robe and walked to the kicthen. "KANKURO!" I roared, bad-tempered from the cold and the dream. I whacked his door hard and a sleepy, hat-less Kankuro opened the door looking very agitated. "What do you want, woman, I'm trying to sleep!?" "I want you to quit making it 2 degrees all over the house!" I screeched, wkaing him up very efficiantly. "Well build a fire." He retorted, slamming the door in my face. He emerged a few minutes later, dressed in his usuall outfit, and shuffled to the kitchen to make breakfast. I went to my room to get changed into a black skirt, the black knee boots from yesterday, a black-and-pink belt, and a black tube top. I was yanking on my boots when some one knocked on the door. "Ten bucks says it's your boyfriend." Kankuro's voice drifted through the hosue as he went to answer the door. Sure enough, guess who. "The love of your life is in her room." Kankuro said, smirking. "Shut your trap." Shikamaru said, walking calmly past him. I did the last buckle on my boot and straightened up, my hair still down. "Hey Shika. I see you're developing a very friendly relationship with Kankuro." Shikamaru rolled his eyes. "Yeah. He's really pre-" HE stopped short, staring at me. 'What?" I asked, puzzled. "Y-your hair....It's down..."He stuttered, still staring at me. "Y-you look...g-great..." He said, then blushed a little. I smiled slightly. "Thanks...." I walked to my mirror and pulled a brush through my hair, starting to put it up. Shikamaru reached out and grabbed my wrist, blushing and saying, "C-could you leave it down? It's pretty that way..." I blinked, the shook his arm off and put down the hair thing. "All right." Shikamaru poked you in the side, grinning. "Ha! I finally got a girl to listen to me." I giggled a little. "Don't, I'm ticklish." A smirk flashed over his face, and I paled. "Oh no-" Shikamaru tackled me, tickling my sides unmercifully. "S-stop!" I said, my laughter uncontrolable. "Help me!" I cried, grinning and still laughing. I tried to crawl away, but he caught me around the waist and pulled me back. "You'll never escape!" he laughed, grinning. We wound up with our forehead touching, his arms around my waist. "Ooh, interesting predicament." I said, smirking. It took two seconds for us to crash our mouths together. After a minute I pulled away, gasping for air. Blush crept up my face and Shikamaru's alike. I looked away and noticed the calender on the wall. "Well, whatdaya know. It's Valentine's Day."
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    Silent as night
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    Is there any way at all
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    Yeah, I wrote it myself. Good or bad, it's my own words.

    Alright, I don't care if you're not a ShikaTema fan. You have to admit that picture is majorly cute.

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