You are standing in line to get a marriage liscence. Only one couple stands between you and the document you seek. But the clerk is having a very serious conversation with the gentleman in front of you. The hushed tones get louder and louder until you can finally hear what it's about. You don't really want to listen, but you are curious as to what the hold up is.

"I'm sorry, but I can't issue you the liscence."

"Why not?"

"Marriage is between a man and a woman, state law is very clear on that..."

"I am legally a man! My birth certificate, my drivers liscence, even my passport says so."

"Yes, but I'm afraid a sex change doesn't qualify you for a marriage lisence."

Le gasp! This gentleman used to be a lady!

Okay, so did that get your attention? XD What do you think? Should a couple that was once considered homosexual until one had a sex change be allowed to get married? Discuss like adults please! Obviously this is directed towards those who live in states where gay marriage is illegal.