"That love which comes from you"

That love which comes from you
It makes me whole and true
without it I feel empty and false
Love is the thing that brought us together
But without it I know I will be lost forever
You are the one who brought me up in the world
You are the one who made me feel good
I am happy with my life now with you
For I know that it is also whole and true
Now whatever it is that you do
Don't leave me for anything
I will do my best to make you a princess
I shall treat you the right way
this is all because of
That love that comes from you
I am at peace with you
I am in love with you
There is nothing you can do
That would make me upset with you
As long as you still love me
There is nothing in this world that could take me from you
Nothing in this world that would dare try
The only thing in this world I love
Is you and that is the truth
Don't ever leave me love for
That love that comes from you
Is what is keeping me here with you