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Thread: A Friend Once wrote this..And it was to you...

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    Post A Friend Once wrote this..And it was to you...

    Ok, This is one of my first peoms, so could you go a little bit easy on me??I havent been on here for a while, so there..Lets Start with the poem all ready!!

    A friend once wrote this..And it was to you...

    There are things in life that you will never under stand untile you been through them..But, some thing that you dont have the got there alone, if you have friends...

    We try hard every day to make you happy..But, it only turns one in pain..I seen you cut your self..I saw your blood, and i saw your pain..You have so much inside..You just want to let it all away...There are things i say and things i dont mean..But, with you is the same thing..All was right, never wrong..Cuting your self and bleeding is right...And having friends are wrong...

    Thats one of the thing i will never under stand about you...I see things i never want to see..Hear things i dont want to hear..Then i have to say things I dont want to say to get through to you..

    Then..You sit there looking at me..Then at your arm..You see what you have done, and every thing its done to you...But, why? Why do all these nasty thing to your self..You just want to feel loved?Is that it?But..There is a way to feel it with out pain...

    ....A friend....

    A friend wrote this...And it was to you...

    __________________________________________________ _______________
    So?What you guys think about it?Very sad, i know..I rarely even like things i type my self
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