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Thread: Panic! At The Disco

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    In regards to the initial question, probably not. They're not that creative. I've seen better videos than the ones they've come up with. But either way, I don't really mind. =) I really like P!AtD.

    What I don't like, however, is that so many people quickly shrug them off as "scene" or "emo". =\ So many misuse those phrases now and days that it's hard to figure out what is what and where it goes. First of all, "emo" is not a style of clothing, hair style and whatnot- "emo" is a genre of music that was created mid-eighties. (And P!AtD is still not that.)

    And "scene" is a style that means you follow whatever is most popular. So technically, if P!AtD were really "scene" they'd be into the RAP appeal right now, and they aren't. But "scene" has another meaning that's a little more intense and harder to explain in a few sentences. Either and anyway, "scene" does not describe P!AtD. =\

    I hope this clarifies it for those quick to judge.

    Also, I'm tired of people saying that you only like bands like P!AtD if you are the above discussed, etc. That's not true at all. What bothers me more is people saying "OMG dey no gut talenntzz". You don't have to do fifteen minute drum/guitar solos to be talented, or write all your own songs. I don't write any songs, but that doesn't mean I have one hell of a voice or that I can't play my piano/guitar. What music others write for you to play has nothing to do with your talent, that's merely an additional talent that A) you don't have, or B) has not yet been allowed to you. Believe it or not, a LOT of artists aren't permitted to write their own stuff. Their label may decide that they're not good enough, or think that, whether they actually are or not is yet to be seen. The "business" is a lot more difficult than people tend to make it out to be and stating that "Omg dey gotz no talent" because of menial things such as the previously stated, only proves that you have no real idea of how things work.

    Simply put, people would like P!AtD, or any other band/artist, if they weren't talented. If they were truly untalented and stated so by someone other than some twelve year old out in who cares where, then no label would have signed them, no one would purchase their merchandise and they wouldn't have made it as far as they had. Saying "dey got no talent" is merely a personal opinion, which by no means is something I am trying to take away from you. However, that's a very definitive personal opinion which isn't so much personal opinion rather than definite statement. So, rather than saying that they have no talent, perhaps say that is how you think about it. Because undoubtedly they have talent, but it's just not to your liking.

    And this goes for any band or artist. =)

    PS: Just because someone likes a band and/or artist that happens to be widely popular and appears on things like MTV, doesn't mean that is how they were influenced. My friend Jessica introduced me to P!AtD when they were still producing demo albums in attempt to become famous. =) Also, in no way has MTV ever made me want to listen to someone, quite frankly, I don't even like MTV. There's no music on, it's always SPRING BREAK OMG and junk such as that.
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