In this thread, I want your thoughts on the matter of who, in the countless anime series that have been created over the years, is the greatest villain of them all. They can be sized up by strength, intelligence, character, whatever you want. Simply provide a small explaination as to WHY you think YOUR villain deserves the title of the greatest. I imagine there will be much debate in regard towards people's opinions, but please, keep anything innapropriate from being said. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, so respect it.

An example: Firefly034 says: 'I nominate Naraku from Inuyasha! He's manipulative, powerful, deceptive, and close to immortal! He can regenerate, cast barriers strong enough to withstand the Kaze no Kizu, and Kagome's magical arrows! I definitely say he is the greatest.'

Thundergodsmitesyou says: ' I vote Aizen from Bleach. For a man who effortlessly decieved the whole of Soul Society and brought it to it's knees, his cleverness is undeniable. With a Soul Slayer that literally hypnotizes it's victim, he can trick anyone and anything into seeing or hearing what he whats them too. Not to mention, his spititual power is off the charts! He easily deflected Bankai Ichigo's attack with a finger. Screw Naraku! He's a coward who tricks other into doing his dirty work. Naraku is nothing but a pansy who, not only hides behind puppets, but his pathetic barrier and servants as well. Aizen soooo takes him.'

-shakes finger- Uh uh, that's a very innapropriate thing to say. So there will be none of that. Respect one another folks. Just because you disagree doesen't mean you have to bring this forum down all because you want to express yourself in the most rude way possible.

I, personally, vote Legato Bluesummers. The man, in my eyes, was a superb villain, the greatest amongst the many who appeared in the anime Trigun. He could easily control the minds and bodies of others, giving Vash hell ever since his debute episode. What I liked most about Legato, aside from his calm and heartless personality, was the fact his intention was never to kill Vash as so many others repeatitively attempted to do, but to make him suffer not physically but emotionally. The best way to do it? Make him break his vow of never killing again, giving his life to ensure his goal was accomplished. He harmed Vash like no other before him, and for that I give him major probs. Legato's in my book, at the top of the list, now who is yours?