Anyone like this game? I used to play Playstation and Xbox alot until I got this game, and now I literally sit here all day and either watch anime, or play World of Warcraft. It's cool because you can do so much stuff in it, and can party with others around the world. The instances in it are awesome. I still haven't done any of the major ones like, for those who know, Onyxia, MC, BWL, Nax, because I am not lvl 60 yet. I'm actually level 59... .

About instances, I'm not a huge Ragefire Chasm fan. It's good for newbs that are getting used to parties, but definitely isn't mandatory. Wailing Caverns sort of sucks now because people won't stop asking for run throughs, but between levels 17 and 23 you can get some nice gear there, so it is worth is, especially for Shamans and Druids. If you're a caster, the instance for you is Shadowfang Keep. Even for alliance... you sick people, jk. I thought the Deadmines was best for warriors and rogues.

My favorite thing in the game to do, is make money. I like exploring different places to see what good drops there are there, and then stick them in the Auction. If you need to make money, try farming Living Essences, or Larval Acid. Maybe while your there, you'll get a blue, or even purple drop . Also, bone fragments and dark iron scraps, which have a better drop rate sell well.

If you don't play, I recommend it, if you do play have fun. And alliance people... I'll try not to kill you too many times.