Elit3RO is a Ragnarok Online server awaiting new players to try out great server!
It's not too easy to level and not too hard to level so it should be perfect to play on.
WoE and PVP are enabled but this server is mostly just for fun meet new people and have fun interacting.

Server Specs:
  • eAthena Version 8044 Stable
  • 25x Level EXP
  • 25x Job EXP
  • 25x Item Drops
  • Long term
  • 100mbit
  • Lagless
  • 3.06 GHz
  • 512 RAM
  • 200 GB HD
  • Custom items
  • Custom npcs
Player Commands:
  • @who
  • @who2
  • @who3
  • @help
  • @commands
  • @party
  • @storage
  • @duel
  • @away
  • @main
  • @go
Forum: Elit3RO Forums
Website: Home Page
Control Panel: Ragnarok Online Control Panel
You can download client, patch, and everything at forum.
We recently got a site very big thanks to Rukiro for the layout.

Thanks for reading this hope to see you there!