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Thread: The Chase

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    Default The Chase

    The Chase

    A candle in the wind,
    Does light the darkened path.

    Carried by the hand of a small child,
    Only wishing to find her way home.

    With eyes of hazel green,
    And hair of honey gold.

    She shivers in the damp cold night,
    And the trees do softly moan.

    As something steps behind her,
    She does quicken her tiny legs.

    Dropping her small candle,
    And fleeing down a path.

    She runs and runs,
    Her pace slowly picking up.

    And as she turns to look behind her,
    A monster she does see.

    With eyes of pure red hatred,
    And claws that slice through trees.

    She screams and runs even faster,
    Speeding through the night.

    Then she does burst from the forest,
    And tried to make it home.

    And just when the beast is upon her,
    And arrow does pierce its heart.

    And small tears weep down her face,
    As she collapses in the dirt.

    Her rescuer does run to catch her,
    Holding her close.

    He whispers softly in her ear.
    “Dear one, never wander away again.”

    And the child simply nods,
    As her father leads her to her bed.

    Authors Notes: Yet another poem... its odd how many I have been able to write since I have come here. Yet still non quite as good as Destinys Wings XD Here is a new one, I attempted to make one happy... and seemed to have slightly failed ^.^; Man, I am going to have to start an index of all my poems soon! If you enjoy my writing please look for my other ones. Titles are - Destinys Wings, Despair, The Last Run, The Zodiac, The Sudden Set and HeartBreak. As well as some of my Original Fiction... Ascalonn: The History and Ascalonn: (Cont) Nox's History XD Comments are much appreciated!
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