The Sorrow of a Heart that once knew Love

I once felt the warm glow of love within,
but now only emptiness encompasses the frigid shell that has become me.
I once knew how it felt to be alive
but now I die, little by little, each day.
I once heard the song she sang in my walls and embraced her words.
Ah, but her voice is now gone and no longer may I harken to her sweet melody.

I am now hollow.
I am barren and nothing more than a vessel with a memory of what was.
I thump and beat but have no life about me.
I am void of joy. bereft of light, and without cheer;
the blood that flows through my chambers grows colder by the moment
and yearns for her return.

I hope that someday that flame will burn in me once again
and fill me with more than only memories.
Maybe I will feel her presence and know that warmth once more.
Perhaps I may again live, one day.
Perhaps I shall be whole again, someday.
Perhaps I will, when dead, be able to say that I was, in life, a heart that knew,
not just despair, but one that once knew love.

This "wanna be" poem, written by one who does not normally write poetry, is completely open to constructive criticism. (Help me out here, if you would.) I came across an interesting poem a while ago and it inspired me to try my hand at the art of writing. I may not be very good at it at this point in time, but I will practice and, hopefully, become better.