~Eyeshield 21~
AKA: es21
2002-> Ongoing

By: (Publisher) Shueisha
(Story) Riichiro Inagaki; (Art) Yusuke Murata
Type: Manga, 19 volumes released so far
Genre: Comedy, Sports

Plot synopsis
Sena Kobayakawa is the type of boy who always ran errands for his
"Friends", and after getting into highschool life begins no different
than any other year, until he catches the eyes of the school's #1
troublemaker and blackmailer, Hiruma. Convinced that Sena has potential
as a runningback, Sena's life is about to become a lot more interesting and troublesome.

Story (8/10)
I'm not going to lie, it's a sports manga; meaning that the story follows the growth and development of the main team and main characters. I give it props though for adding silly comedy in random areas, humorously stupid characters, and going so far as to add details about the stories of team's besides Deimon (sena's team). The author gives ya room to get a feeling for each team and what everybody has had to go through to get as far as they do.
Characters (10/10)
The character variety is incredible, and character traits are clearly distinguished in their actions, speech, and body build. I love the way the illustrator shows the traits of characters, and how easy it is to pick up subtleties in characters, yet how different everybody still manages to be.

Art/animation (8/10)
Lots of spikey hair-dos, but otherwise a very clean artwork ^_^ which portrays character traits very well. Only complaint is the number of spikey hair dos >_>

Overall (10/10)
My favorite manga, and the spikey-hair doesn't really bother me much, but from a critics view, it'd be a downside~ lol. Plus, i enjoy sports manga and anime ^_^ so there...
P.S. i wouldn't recommend the eyeshield Anime! ITZ VERY SLOW PACED!