Wassup Friends, For those who don't know me, haven't met me, or hate me ( Huggles the people who hate me.) I am daisuke-Kun Proude representor of D.N.Angel, Naruto, And a various other of a Anime. Here It is:

Hi to the Following that are my friends/Bestfriends:

~Saisashi _ Araishi (Sorry If I spelt it wrong)
~Maru-Dashi (You know I luff you -Huggles-)
~Outsider (Thank god you created a RP based on chaos, and war, I luff you for dat.)
~Guardian Mina (My Dearest...>>)
~Gackt666 (My laughing stock.)
~Kharne (Just because I like the fact that you act like a vampire, keep it going dude.)
~My Goldfish- Sparkles.
~VR Trooper's (Even though you are an Evil admin, you are a cool one.)
~BakaFish (I just like your name)
~MsAeris (Cool Girl, and Admin.)
~ Hinata The Chat Admin (Yay!)
~Neji The Chat Admin (Keep Those card playing.)
~My shadow (Who will always keep me company till the darkest of nights.)
~My stalker (Whom I whole heartly dislike.)
~Hakkai, Aang1, and Ect. (I hate, Love, Dislike, and want to eat you all =3 Later guys, my credits are done, If you want to be added to my list of friends Then talk to meh in the chat roomz, Laters, Introduce yourselves, here, and just say hi to meh!


Secret admire list: ....Will never speak there names.

My favorite animal: Wolf

My Favorite T.V. Show: FullMetal Alchemist/Simpsons/Hellsing.Bleach

My favorite manga: FMA and Bleach, And Hellsing

My Online GF: ------- Bleeped out for privacy.

Thank you and have a wonderful life =33333