Pipelines running through your brain
Tormenting your eardrums when
You try to think.

People say, "I've gotta see it to believe it!"
And for that you're all so dumb.
Try to think outside the box and
Maybe then your tears will dry up.

He's right there, but nobody listens.
Because it's the 'cool' thing to
Be an atheist today?

"I've gotta see it to believe it!"
Gets you nowhere.
We're all right here, He's all right there.

Snowfall on a cold winter night
That makes Christmas worth looking forward too...

He's all right here.
And yet, to see is to believe;
To believe is unacceptable;
To be who you truly want is not who you truly want to be.


That feeling you get in your stomach
That makes you want to turn back but it's too late...

He's right there.
Give your brain to the music.
Pipelines torment.
Ear wax disabling thought to exit your brain.
Don't combust.
Just believe.