Legend of Galactic Heroes: My Conquest is the Sea of Stars
Alternative Titles
Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu: Waga Yuku wa Hoshi no Taikai

Release Date: June 1988

Genre: Science Fiction, Drama, Military

Length: 59 Minutes.

Synopsis: As the Free Planets Alliance advances upon the Imperial fortress “Iselhorn”, an ambitious young commander, Reinhard von Musel arrives at the fortress. Ridiculed by the high command as the “skirt commander”, believing he only advanced in rank due to the favour shone upon his sister by the Kaiser. This young Admiral begins a long journey that will eventually see him rise to true greatness.

Story (9/10)
This short movie serves as an excellent prologue to the earth shattering OVA series. Focusing primarily on Reinhard, the story presents its themes in an excellent manner. The primary theme of the story that “mankind’s history is a series of wars” seems to strike true. Like history, the two small, rather insignificant battles are merely the start of a chain of events that come full circle in the series.

Although it may seem insignificant, this movie prologue executes its story exceedingly well. Giving the viewer a taste of the exceptional depth of the world and its inhabitants. The battles presented here are, like its follow up, not action packed bloodbaths, but rather a series of intricate, deep strategic moves, like a game of chess.

The only reason I did not give a perfect score is the fact that due to the movies length, it does not give the viewer a true idea of the sheer depth of the series, only a small taste.

Characters (10/10)
This is one thing Legend of Galactic Heroes executes perfectly. Every character presented is truly deep and three-dimensional. Even in this early prologue we are given a taste of the extent of Reinhard’s ambition. The other lead character, Yang Wen Li is also introduced as the unwilling participant in war.

While much of the movie is devoted to Yang and Reinhard, we are also introduced to some of the extensive supporting cast. From the mysterious Mittenmyer and Reuntal who see the potential of the young commander Reinhard, to the cold hearted, ultra-nationalist Job Trunhit, whose congratulatory message shows how little difference there is between his own nation and their sworn enemies.

As with all of Legend of Galactic Heroes, we are also borne witness to the points of views of various grunts, who give a whole new level of insight into events within the world. This is part of the magic of the Legend of Galactic Heroes franchise.

Animation (8/10)
As this anime is old, it would be utterly conceited to expect something to the quality of Final Fantasy: Advent children. But the animation of Legend of Galactic Heroes is well above that of anime from its time.

The character designs are very well defined every character given their own unique attributes and small little unique traits. From Reinhard’s deep eyes, which seem to show a mind that never sleeps, to the ridiculously old fashioned haircut on Flegal’s head.

Voice Acting/Music (10/10)
The voice acting within this movie is nothing short of amazing, for a movie that is so heavily dialogue driven and far from melodramatic; it is astounding how much convincing emotion is injected into these characters. As I mentioned in my review of the OVA Series Ryo Horikawa’s performance as Reinhard is utterly astounding.

The use of classical music within the series is wonderfully executed. The most memorable of these is the Ravel’s “Bolero” which accompanies the climactic space battle. The choice to use classical music, possibly to reduce costs, gives this anime a sense of class that puts it a step above the symphonic soundtracks popular at that time.

Overall (9/10)
This movie is like the delicious appetiser at a restaurant, absolute delight by and of itself. Yet it leaves you wet in the mouth for more.

My Conquest Is the Sea of Stars is an exceptional prelude movie, that introduces the viewer to the extensive, complex and utterly rewarding series that is Legend of Galactic Heroes. While already epic in scale, this movie is merely the tip of a starship sinking iceberg.