As I lay on the shaded tree,
I began to think,
about all of the times,
that I was filled with happiness.

Then I see a couple,
kissing, caring and loving each other,
I sighed,
and hoped for a happy relationship.

More and more,
I lay on this tree,
and I think about,
my relationship and my life.

Days go by,
as I daydream in this tree,
this tree maybe,
is a symbolic meaning of true love.

When I look at this place,
no one is here,
until one person,
came up to me and confessed of her love to me.

Ever since,
I dream about love,
it's coming true,
these past dreams.....are coming true

But, I now remember this tree,
as a symbol of love,
and how I love and care,
someday, I hope that I will get true, yet a happy lover
Enjoy my past dreams about love, and I still go to my tree, and still daydream there. ^-^ Anyway, have fun reading it!