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Thread: [Manga] Orphen

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    SMEGMA!!!! Sinnaku is infamous around these parts Sinnaku is infamous around these parts Sinnaku is infamous around these parts Sinnaku is infamous around these parts Sinnaku is infamous around these parts Sinnaku is infamous around these parts Sinnaku is infamous around these parts Sinnaku is infamous around these parts Sinnaku is infamous around these parts Sinnaku is infamous around these parts Sinnaku is infamous around these parts Sinnaku's Avatar
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    Default [Manga] Orphen

    Title: Orphen
    Alternative Titles: 魔術士オーフェン, Majutsushi Orphen
    Installments: 6 (current)
    Age Rating: Older Teen. For some Mild Language and Bloodless Violence
    Genres: Fantasy, Adventure, Comedy, Shounen

    Plot Summary:
    Orphen is one of the best sorcerers to come out of a magic academy known as the Tower. Orphen has made it his goal to chase after the Bloody August, a violent and mysterious dragon. He leads his group of allies consisting of his apprentice, Majic and a bubbly annoyance, Cleio. He heads off on a quest with the Sword of Baltanders, the only artifact that can free the Bloody August, or as she was known in human form, Azalie from the curse she is under.

    Storyline 7.5/10
    This story is deep and bold, but we've seen it all before. Girl is put under a spell. Boy goes on heroic quest to save girl. Boy saves girl who is under tragic spell. Girl is normal again and falls in love with boy. Yep, we've definately seen this one before. However, there are new ways of presenting the story. The characters, unlike some other mangas, actually adapt to the changes in the scenes. You can actually tell that the characters are gradually learning more about each other and themselves. The story makes some sense of the world it lives in, and let me tell you, this is a really huge fantasy. Fans of the movie 'Labrynth' will love this world and story. Keep in mind that because this story is so deep and jaded it may leave some people questioning it's aspects. You really have to get into it and take it to mind what the author is talking about to understand it sometimes. Do that and you should enjoy it.

    Artwork 9/10
    The artists have overdone themselves here. Throughout the pages you'll find that they spent several hours (I guess) perfecting the details. Just look at some of the character costumes.

    (Courtesy of

    The details are the kind in-your-face design that we all love to see. I found that the main focus was on the character models, background and texture. Where I noticed the issue was with the sky. Completely lifeless. I know, it seems stupid that I am making an argument about the sky, but there should've been more clouds! Heh, this is one dumb topic. Anyway. The artwork shows off the shine detail on the hair, clothes and other things. Kinda made me think that they used way too much hair gel and leather polish. But, I did also enjoy viewing the far-off views of the scenery. Lushy, lushy, lush.

    Dialague 6.75/10
    The lines that the characters are given can sometimes be a bit korny. Not to mention out of whack. Most of the lines are well placed and the dialague between the characters is unique but there are areas where it doesn't seem to fit what's going on around them. The people are talking though, that's what I was looking for. An arrangement could've been made of the way they talk, but other than that. I give them a passing grade.

    Characters 8/10
    Orphen is a cool guy. And the regular cast is a real hoot, you'll laugh, agree, love, and want to hug these people. The range of personality is farfetched, but I still find the individuallity to be compelling. My relation as Mark has nothing to do with any of the opinions that I hold for these characters. But they are awsome. The only problem? The group is sooo small. it leaves you wanting more characters, and wondering why these people are so strangely adept to yourself. If you don't find the personalities of the cast funny and well-fit for this manga, I condemn you! Throughout the manga there a bit of minor rolls that need some work, but we aren't reading it to find out what happens to a bartender. At least I hope we're not.

    Entertainment 7.5/10
    For some reason, I am at a loss of practical reason for exactly why you should be reading Orphen. But it will draw you in like flies to a bugzapper, without the terrible shocking and dying part when you touch it. Instead, you are held together by magical beams of happiness and great great mangas that actually make SENSE! Throughout the several books, you will find a good meaning to the whole 'looking and loving' thing. Whatever that may be. You will want to continue the story. In fact, I command you to buy these mangas!

    Overall 8.75/10
    The only thing I did not like about the manga was putting it down after I was done with it. So far, the (6) instalments are ending-less until the author decides to make a new one. (If they decide). Until then, Orphen owns. And you own it.
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