Type: Manga

Genre: Action

Plot Synopsis: Ginji Amano and Ban Midou, together they are the Get Backers. They are a recovery agency, but with a little twist. Ginji is an eel-like human with devastating electricity powers, and Ban is weilder of the "Evil Eye" ("Jagon" in the anime). But Ginji also has another power, he is like the incarnation of the Lightning Emporer. Together they retrieve lost items, and face their hardest mission in the Limitless Fortress.

Story: It sounds like another police-like manga, but it's actually quite original. Each mission they have, is just another adventure. Not one of them are the same. There are some parts where it gets to just a lot of fighting, but... GAH! I admit it >.<! I honestly think that there's nothing wrong with the storyline!

Score: 10/10

Characters: Aww man, their all so amazing ^^! Though... Akabane is kind of typical. He's just your average bad a**. But that doesn't mean that he's not cool =D! They all have unique personalities, and a couple of them are pretty funny XD! The whole story on Makubex is an interesting one. Just like the storyline, I really can't find anything wrong with the characters.

Score: 10/10

Art: Very beautiful, they don't have eyes that stretch off their head XD! My only problem in that little dot the artist puts near the nose. It's really annoying, and it looks like a mole. It's supposed to show the shadowing of the it, but it's just kind of odd. Other than that, the art "reacts" well to the surroundings. It's very detailed, yes even the parts where there is extreme groping XD!

Score: 9.5/10
Rounded Score: 10/10

Overall: I don't genereally give maga perfect tens, but this is just one of my favorites ^^!