Well I have been studying on my time away from the forum. Trying to find out anything I can that can be done on a computer (without computer languages) and well I was wondering, because we have alot of new computer graphics enthusiast, tell me what kind of animation techniques you have, art style, anything really pretaining to digital art.

Im actually pretty new to the digital art fields. I started about a year ago and well I have done my best in learning about all forms of Digital art. So im currently trying my hand in Isolated Pixel, Vector, Animation, and well I have always loved photography so my photo editing. Many people from this forum would recongnize me as a signature/banner/wallpaper artist. Though I have strained to pull away from working with animated renders and into more complicated real life pictures.

So tell me whats your background what are you interested in some of your techs anything just to brag or learn ^_^