Hello friends,

As i have stated in some of my other post's in different threads i hate america...
yes yes yes you say land of the free and all that. Well i am here to tell you that what you have been told by the media and what was told to you by your parents is all lies. The president says there is a gas shortage and thats why prices have gone up the last few years. well for one that is a lie considering we have Iraq in our possetion @ the moment, which is a huge producer of oil. Second of all if there is a shortage of gas why arent we putting more money into alternative fuel sources like the hydrogen fuel cell. Second of all why are we going to war and helping out other countries when we have all these problems here in America. This makes no sense to me, the only reason i can see even bothering with other countries are trade. Also Great Britian offered to help us after hurrican catrina and do u know what the president said? That Idiot said no because appearently we american's are so great we don't need any help from anyone. Well i sure would have like help if i spilled a coke or drink all over the floor wouldn't you.
This country has become corrupted since WW2 and needs to be set back on the right pass.
One other thing is the goverment is tapping our phone lines and listening to our conversations. why? Does the goverment have something it doesnt want the people of this country to know?
Continueing on we must look @ the laws that are being passed on video games like GTA sanAndreas. How is the goverment gonna say that u cannot make a game like that because it promotes drugs violance and sex. What happened to freedom of speach and all that? What happened to being able to do what u wanna do in this country?! slowly but surely our right to bear arms is gonna be taken away just like how schools are telling us we cannot were a certain shirt to school. Our taxes pay for these schools and stupid ignorant people are gonna tell me what i cannot wear to school when they work for me basically. "I DON'T THINK SO"
Next on my list of bashing the U.S. goverment y are we not letting immagrants into our country...? i mean in my opinion, if mexico is gonna encourage there people to illigally come into our country they are the one's we should be blowing to hell not iraq.
Another thing about the war in Iraq where the hell are these so called weapon of mass destruction? i dont see any!
Your goverment lies to you everyday and yet you people say Nothing
I could keep going on this list but i wanna hear what u guys have to say

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