Type: Television Series
Genre: Action/Mecha

Plot Synopsis: Souske Sagara is a special military agent sent to protect a high schooler, Kaname Chidori. If life isn't hard enough for Souske, he has to go to high school with her! It's hard to for Souske to get used to live as a normal Japanese student, and if that wasn't enough, Kaname is a raging banshee! Still, Souske risks his life to protect her from terrorists, it's his duty afterall.


I found this story to be pretty intense, and quite original. There are no things unexplained in the show. I've never been into the whole robot genre, but this anime is quite different. When you think one thing, it happens to be another. It's also pretty cool that the captain is a woman. You don't really see female captains in the military.

Score: 10/10


Very interesting. Instead of having Kaname be a frail little girl, she's a beast. The way she handles herself is a lot different than usual anime girls. I just wish that sometimes she could save herself. Still, she's incredibly intelligent, and has an interesting personality that I can realte to.
Souske Sagara is also quite interesting. He uses such long words! He's very different from the other high schoolers. He has a very serious attitude, and almost doesn't understand anything normal... almost to a fault. I honestly wish he wasn't so oblivious. It's kind of makes him look stupid. Other than he's quite a character.
The other characters are also very vivacious. They're all so happy! But I don't mind. The military isn't too jumpy... well, expect Kurz Weber.

Score: 9.5/10
Rounded Score: 10/10


Beautiful. The shading was wonderful, and the eyes weren't too big! I've always thought that mechas were hard to draw, but FMP makes it look easy. I was astounded to see such colorful art. Even the places that were supposed to be ugly were beautiful. The characters were detailed, and enviroments were aswell.

Score: 10/10

Voice Acting/ Music:

The voices work well for the characters. I find some of the voices annoying, but that's because of the character. Scruffy men, have deep voices. Girls... well, they have girly voices. I still like it though.
The music... bleh! There was practically none! The sound affects was alot louder than the music. I completley forgot there was music. This was probably my least favorite thing about this anime. I actually like anime music too.

Score: 9/10

Overall: 9.5/10
Rounded: 10/10