I'm sure plenty of you have seen the cartoon adpatation of The Boondocks, that airs on Cartoon Network's [adult swim] A couple times every week.

From the first show, people have been sparking with controversy about the show.

Some of the more headline making episodes were:
1. The Trial Of R. Kelley
2. The episode where they try to kidnapp Oprah, twice, and end up getting Maya Angelou the first time, and Bill Cosby the second time.
3. The Return Of The King (Martin Luther King Jr.)

Al Sharpton threw a big hissy fit about "The Return Of The King" episode. Why? Because MLK was portrayed using the "n-word". But you know what? I feel what Aaron (The Boondocks creator & writer) did for that episode was outstanding. I believe that if MLK came back, he'd be outraged at what he saw. He might not say the "n-word", but he'd be upset to see whats become of people these days. Just imagine if he came to Cincinnati and saw how it is here with racial tension? Or if he witnessed New Orleans after the hurricane? I wonder, has Al Sharpton even seen that episode, or did he just hear that a cartoon version of MLK was using some potty language.

And as for the episode concerning R. Kelley, I don't think I've ever laughed harder at a cartoon poking fun at a famous person and their scandal, because it was so true. Why do so many (SO MANY, not all!) my fellow african americans have to be so stupid about that kind of stuff? And why is it that THOSE people always get to be on TV when interviewed and portrayed by the media? Put someone intelligent on! Me! Someone, anyone else but those people walking around in shirts that equate to ball room gowns! Or someone who can at least speak in an articulate manner with out an "ummmm" and an "aaaaeen" and a "cuuuz" between every sentence.

Anyway, what do you guys think of The Boondocks, I assume there will be mixed emotions regarding it as some may approve, and some don't. But I'd like to know why.

In the mean time, I'll be workin on the story I promised. It'll be in microsoft word format, and maybe Adobe's .pdf if I am feeling nice, if you want a copy that is. I'll post it in the forums of course when it is done.