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Thread: [OVA series] Legend of Galactic Heroes

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    Default [OVA series] Legend of Galactic Heroes

    Legend of Galactic Heroes

    Alternative Titles: Ginga Eiyu Densetsu, Derdensagen vom Kosmosinse


    Year: December 1988 – February 1997

    Type: OVA

    Episodes: 110

    Genre: Science Fiction, Drama, Military

    Plot Synopsis: For decades, the Galactic Empire has been locked in an interstellar war with the Free Planets Alliance, a conflict that involves thousands of spaceships and millions of soldiers on both sides. Two new commanders enter the conflict with great hopes: Imperial Admiral Reinhard von Lohengramm, who made a pact to destroy his masters, and the Free Planet Alliances's Yang Wenli, who truely wishes to become a historian. As they deal with superiors and subordinates, maneuver through complicated political arrangements, plot strategies, and win battles, each will be tested, and ultimately, changed, by the reality of war.

    Story (10/10)

    The story of Legend of Galactic Heroes is one of those few titles that genuinely deserve the title of epic. This is not a story about war, but about people, in fact, very little of the story is dedicated to actual battles but rather political plots behind the curtain, love, death and loss.

    This long story never lets up for a second, although played at a slow pace; there is virtually no filler, which is the curse of anime of such a length. Every episode serves some purpose at forwarding the storyline or giving you utterly vital background information.

    When watching this anime, you quickly become part of its world as you learn of all the stories that occur. You are treated to not only the stories of its major protagonists, but also of all the other cast (which I will cover in characters). This is not a story about a few, it is the story of history and of mankind.

    Unfortunately this anime has been cruelly classified as a boring talk fest. This seems to me to be the result of people coming in expecting the next Star-Wars. This is not a story about cool star ships and lightsaber battles. This is the story of a universe and its place in history. And this is a good story, that is dialogue driven by a brilliant cast of characters.

    Characters (10/10)

    Many people talk about the extensive cast list of Gundam SEED and Gundam SEED Destiny. The number of characters in LOGH will utterly blow such assumptions out of the water. Counting the list of named cast member (not including younger versions of characters) at came up with a total of 107 characters, at least 20 or so of those characters play significant roles within the story. While this does sound like much, in your typical anime you are lucky to have 5 or more characters that play any major or significant role in a storyline.

    The depth of this cast is something that is not skimmed over, as even outside the major protagonists there are many stories and personalities that will grab the viewer’s attention and are played out on the background of war. These stories range from Jessica Edwards, whose fiancé was killed in battle and deducates herself to ending the war
    only to be murdered at a political rally by fanatical nationalists
    , to Oskar von Reuenthal who distrusts women when his mother nearly gouged his eyes out as a baby to hide the fact that he was the child of an illicit affair, which was shown due to his different coloured eyes.

    You quickly get attached to these characters, as they are incredibly well explored and step well beyond the bland stereotypes. These characters have real emotions, backgrounds, depth and quirks. The most interesting quirk belonging to the ultra cold and logical Paul von Oberstein, who was rumoured to have taken in an abandoned Dalmatian and take care of it.
    This later proved to be true as you get to see him patting this dog in his yard.

    Animation (9/10)

    This anime, lasting nearly a decade has a surprisingly high grade of animation considering its age. While it can never compare to the computer-generated graphics of today’s blockbusters, these cell-animated images are certainly easy on the eyes.

    The character designs themselves are very well designed, and every character has their own unique traits, which make them much easier to distinguish. This may sound trivial, but when dealing with a cast of hundreds, it is vital to be able to tell one character from the next.

    The star ship battles are well ahead of their time, with very unique and well-animated action sequences. The most outstanding of these animated sequences is a short sequence of a launch from the cockpit view of a Spartanian fighter.

    The opening and closing animation of this anime is something that should be noted here, as each sequence is dedicated to each of the factions. The opening focusing on Reinhard and the Galactic Empire, the closing animation dedicated to Yang and the Free Planets alliance. These are solely dedicated to showcasing the most major of players and give a great feel to the characters themselves.

    Voice Acting/Music (10/10)

    The voice acting in this anime is absolutely top class, consisting of a class of well-known cream of the crop seiyuu for their time. Many of these actors have played pivotal roles in anime such as Mobile Suit Gundam and Vampire Princess Miyuu.

    Although the most standout of these voice actors is Ryo Horikawa (better known as Vegeta from Dragonball Z) whose portrayal of Reinhard von Lohengramm is nothing short of stunning.

    Music is also very well done, the opening themes being entirely in English and Closing themes done entirely in Japanese help to emphasise how each of these sequences “belongs” to each faction. Although, personally, the English songs of the Empire’s were much more catchy and enjoyable.

    The opening and closing themes are the only original music in the entire anime. The background music of the series is entirely made up of classical music. This move proved to be excellent as it gave a wonderful, catchy soundtrack and a very classical and epic feel to the series.

    Overall (10/10)

    I know what you are thinking, that this is a “ZOMG I L0V3 this anIMe and want to give it the ten”. Please, you must understand I do not give perfect scores lightly. This anime is virtually perfect; it is quite possibly the ultimate experience in anime Sci-Fi. Please, believe the hype to this grossly underrated classic of Science Fiction.

    If you come in looking for violent, amazing space battles you may find yourself disappointed. But, if you are after a deep, truly epic storyline with an amazing cast of characters who are genuine, you will have the anime experience of a lifetime.
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    plot and story: at 110 episodes this is the longest oav ever made. its sheer size should make it obvious that writing a synopsis would be pointless to say the least. safe to say that to anyone who has even watched a handful of episodes of logh that this IS the anime epic that others can only drool at with envy. epic battles, gripping story, ingenious schemes, intrigue, truly provocative dialogues, unexpected plot twists... its all here. this (along with the original mobile suit gundam) is the STANDARD that japanese sci-fi animation can only still try to attain. i've seen a lot of sci-fi anime and all of them fall short of the mountain that is yoshiki tanaka's legend of the galactic heroes.

    characters: possibly the biggest cast in all anime to date. the seiyuu list is a virtual who's who in the japanese animation industry. naturally some characters are more important than others, and if there's one thing that logh probably did better than most sf anime is to bring them all to life. you'll love 'em, you'll hate 'em, but one thing you cant do is accuse them of being cliche. so much meaningful personality development for such a large cast. watching the series one thing is assured: you WILL feel their pain, you WILL share their joys. i have to suggest though, to the ones who are going to try this show out, try not to get too emotionally attached to any of the characters... you really never know what's going to happen to them.

    music: mostly classical pieces, and since im a big fan of classicals no complaints from me. the original pieces like the free planets national anthem are also superb.

    animation: this was started in the 80's on a shoestring budget. given that i think the animation is class. the character designs are beautiful, the mecha designs are impressive and the general scenery (especially in the empire) are very well conceptualized. and it gets better as the series goes on.

    overall: regardless of whether you actually like anime or not, if you're looking for a truly satisfying epic sci-fi story then this is the probably be on top of your list. as said earlier it just dwarfs all the other anime series of its kind in terms of grand scale and epic storytelling. one of the best things about this title is that it lacks the anime stereotypes that are so prevalent among the otaku-friendly crap thats so rife these days. so no giant robots, no silly fan service, no overly high pitch voiced teenage female leads, no overly angsty whiny teenage male lead, no random goofy sd for the sake of slapstick and all that. legend of the galactic heroes is a cut apart. those who've seen this will never look at anime sci-fi storytelling the same way again. after this, you'll wonder why you wasted your time watching inferior stuff like gundam seed and vandread. and you'll be better off for it.

    10/10 naturally

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