Title: RahXephon

Genre: action, sci-fi, romance, mecha

Plot Synopsis:

Ayato Kamina was your typical teenager in near-future Tokyo, when his world is turned upside down by an attack on the city. Following that, he discovers that Tokyo has been swallowed by a trans-dimensonal barrier and is the base of the alien Mulians. After finding ancient and mysterious RahXephon and using it to leave Tokyo, or more accurately Tokyo Jupiter, he joins the earth defense forse, TERRA, and fights off the Mulian attacks moving ever closer to his mysterious destiny.

Story: 7/10

This has to be one of the most confusing storys in the history of anime. It took me several long thought sessions and all the admittals of the characters to get it. However, once you get past the confusing plot twists, you realize that the story is really good. Its not so Japan-centered as Eva. Mainly because in RahXephon for all reasons and purposes Japan is under enemy control and doesnít count. There is a lot more diversity. All in all, satisfying. If only it wasnít so complicated.

Charecters: 8/10

Pretty good. Ayato Kamina is much, much, more satisfying than Sinji. Sinji is whiny, not sure of himself, and has a habit of babbling. Ayato is quit but sure of himself, manages to complete his own sentences, doesnít evade questions, and is more identifiable. Sinji comes across a naked woman, he babbles and canít finish his sentences. Ayato comes across a naked woman and he just turns away, blushes slightly, and walks off. There is a lot more character diversity. They manage to capture the fact that TERRA represents Earth by having quite a diverse staff. Once again, if they werenít so complicated the score would be higher.

Art/Animation: 8/10

B-E-Autiiful. Much better than Eva. The cameras are smoother, angles are better, and the speed of all the mechs and jets are effectively captured. The RahXephon art is much less pervy than Evaís. You have less nudity, skintight bodysuits, and such in RahXephon which gives it less of the feel of a Sci-Fi channel original movie( a sex-crazed shoot Ďem up). And that makes for a better series. The Mu are wonderfully detailed, even if they just look like flying statues. And what would you rather have on your mechs? Tennis shoes or wings on the head?

Summary: Great and beautiful, but not the best in the world.

Voice Acting/ Music: 8/10

Very easy on the ears. The music flows well with the situations and in some cases is so good itíll just meld with the scene and you wonít even know its there if youíre not listening for it. The voice acting is absolutely wonderful. All the voices work beautifully with the characters. The characters both in look and sound capture the global culture feel of TERRA. Summary: Easily ranks among some of the best English Vas Iíve ever heard.

Summary: 9/10

If you have seen Evangelion you should see RahXephon. If you havenít seen Evangelion you should skip it and see RahXephon. If you havenít seen Evangelion but have seen RahXephon, donít see Evangelion and just watch RahXephon again

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