This message is only for AOL members.

Neoservers LLC along with Anime Globe Productions ( and hold a whitelist agreement with the Internet service provider America Online (AOL). This whitelist agreement guarantees that all email sent by our mail servers will be received by AOL members.

As part of this agreement, AOL sends us a copy of all emails received by their members that get marked as spam. This also is viewed as a strike against us. Too many strikes, and our whitelist status with them gets terminated.

These sites send over 30,000 emails to AOL members weekly. But every now and then, someone reports the email as spam. These emails include thread reply notifications, PM received notifications, and EVEN welcome messages for when members signup.

This is unacceptable.

If you do NOT wish to receive emails from us, then make sure you choose that in the UserCP! Do not subscribe to threads that YOU start or reply to, do not request to be notified via email whenever you receive a private message.

Members who report email from us as spam will have their accounts suspended. Obviously if you feel that the message is spam, then you don't care to surf the sites. So to stop you from receiving these emails, we will close your account. We cannot risk losing our whitelist status because of something so trivial as this.

Thank you.