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Thread: [TV series] Sexy Commando Gaiden Sugoiyo!! Masarusan

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    Default [TV series] Sexy Commando Gaiden Sugoiyo!! Masarusan

    (Taken from
    Title: Sexy Commando Gaiden Sugoiyo!! Masarusan
    Japanese Title: セクシーコマンドー外伝 すごいよ!マサルさん
    Type: TV series
    Episodes: 48
    Genres: Comedy, Martial Arts
    Year Published: 1998
    Studio: Madhouse Production
    US Distribution: Available on Fansub (Note: Stopped subbing at episode 31)

    Plot synopsis

    (Taken from

    Fumiya "Fu-min" Okometsubu is an exchange student who comes to a Wakame Highschool in his Junior year. He's a typical, shy nervous little boy but he is determined to make new friends and start a new life. He starts a plan to make 100 new friends. Things don't go quite according to plan though, as his first day at school also happens to be the first day that Masaru Hananakajima comes back to school. Rumor has it that he left school for the past 3 months to live in the woods and practice some sort of secret martial art. He also happens to be one of the nicest people you'll ever meet...and a complete weirdo who lives in this constant black hole of strangeness. Through a twist of fate, the two become "friends" (the twist of fate being Fu-min getting dragged around by Masaru constantly). Masaru starts a new club at school to demonstrate his secret new martial art- "Sexy Commando", and recruits kids from around the school. First is Fu-min, who gets haplessly drawn in. Next is Machahiko Kondo, a nice, honest boy who has this "thing" for being as manly as possible. After that, they run into Tsuyoshi Isobe, a boy who wants to be the strongest person in the world, and who isn't dissuaded by the fact that his body is built like balsa wood (his nickname is "Kyasharin", which basically means "living bones"). Together, they have many bizarre adventures - the Baseball Game of Honor, the Alien Camping Trip, the National Sexy Commando Tournament, Going to Masaru's house, the Kidnapping of Meso, and tons more.

    Story (6/10)

    Sexy Commando's story is not this anime's forte. First off, I felt that events of the story were piled up every single episode, they were vaguely linked between each other. So basically, there is no plot. For example, the first episode introduced the hero Fuumin and another main character Masaru, they then fight off people and they do it again for about 2-3 episodes then it simply forgets and goes on with school life. Then they fight again, stops. Repeat at will.

    Characters (9.5/10)

    Characters are what you will be attracted when you watch this anime. Fuumin, our protagonist, is really plain. We could compare him to a normal schoolboy, but he is the one who add the funny comments and without them, it wouldn't be as interesting. The second notable character is Masaru, he is the main actor and gets weird reactions from what he does. Without him the anime wouldn't be complete.
    So to make it short, some character may seem "Normal" and that they follow stereotypes but trust me, every single one is original. And also the heroes of the anime don't develop they are flat characters but it is better this way, it will always be funny.

    Art/animation (7/10)

    As you can see, the art isn't top notch. When characters react, they have exaggerated emotions and they have their jaw wide-open. From a normal person's point of view, they might say it is ugly.
    But if we don't take it seriously and let the beauty aside, the ugliness adds to the comical situation, which is Sexy Commando's main genre.
    The animation is choppy, even though it was made in 1998, they could have created a more fluid animation.

    Voice acting/Music (7.5/10)

    Imagine a comedy with monotone voice... not interesting. Well this is not the case. The characters vary their tone to whichever emotions that they express but mostly surprise. Fuumin's notable sentence would be "Nani?", it is used in a lot of anime but he used that at least a dozen of times.
    As for the music, the only one worth hearing would be the opening, which is Romance by Penicillin. As for the ending, you may not want to listen to it as it may give you nightmares. And music in between the Op and the Ed, it really gets tiring, you'll always be accompanied with song words "holiday, holiday"

    Overall (8/10)

    In conclusion, If you don't mind the story and the art, you will be left with a top notch comedy.
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