Ok, before i even go on saying how great this really old anime is, compaired to todays crap (Naruto, FMA, Inuyasha, ect). I was just wondering...how many people have even HEARD of this anime, let alone seen it. And below is a picture of Guyver, Who has the ability to destroy all of todays mainstream anime hero's (Inuyasha, Edward Elric, Naruto, Sasuke, an army of Gundams,blah blah blah) The only anime characters i wouldn't expect guyver to win against are DBZ characters, but they are hulking freaks.

So has anyone seen The Guyver? Or is oldschool anime completly gone from this world and replaced with the newer better animated ones. Guyver may be old but it still owns on so many levels, the only fault is the english dub...worse than the updaterd Akira dub.