Hello! I'm here today to ask you all who would be good Shounen Ai Pairings for all of your favirote Anime/Mangas! You can share pictures of them cuddling or just being lovey dovey, and you can talk about it a plenty. Please don't be graphic, remember now this is a forum. We can dream later. ^.-

My Pairings:
Naruto and Sasuke <3 <NARUTO>
Hiei and Kurama <3 <Yu Yu Hakusho>
Genji and Ban <3 <Getbackers>
Jubei and Kazuki <3 <Getbackers>
Hiro and Shuichi <3 <Gravitation>
Kamui and Fuuma <3 <X/1999>
Kenshin and Sanouske <3 <Rurouni Kenshin>
Souji and Mr. Hijikata <3 <Peacemaker Kurogane>
Vash and Wolfwood <3 <Trigun>
Yugi and Seto <3 <Yugioh>
Malik and Bakura <3 <Yugioh>

And thats all for now. More on the way but i figured i'd just give a sample. x.x