Heh heh... Two isn't "several," right?

The internet is ephemeral. I long ago came to accept that, but it's sad when the real gemstones disappear in the dust ...and when stuff like this happens too.

A few years ago, I found a hilarious document called "Anime Cool Guy Test." It was hysterical. He can cook +4 points. He's feared by gods -20 points. But not because he's ridiculously over-powered, regain 25 points... The other day, I tried to find it again. Google, altavista, it was of no avail.

I long ago saved a copy of "115 Rules for Evil Overlords." If anyone has similarly saved a copy of the Cool Guy Test, then I would greatly appreciate an email. [email protected]

Crud this thing is funny. He has cool powers +10 points. But he has to shout out what he's doing to use them. -5 pts. He doesn't have to but does anyway. -5pts.