Ok here's how it is...
I start it and you finish it... like this...
((She walked down the street and un-aware of her surroudings bumped into a... <---- me))
((Street light. She fell back wards and landed on her hands scrathing them up as she got up she saw a... <---- you))
see how it goes?

RULES: ((gotta have 'em))

1- DO NOT SPAM! ever at all, none.
2- nothing exrememly stupid. please don't turn this into an immature thing I want it to be fun not stupid.
3- do not be rude to other posters and their choices and go with their flow. OK do not bash them it's not nice and it's not fun.

Keep it happy and funn and it'll all be good.
have fun and enjoy!

"She was running. Looking behind her every few minutes to make sure no one was following her. AS she ran the cold winter air stung her eyes blluring her vision and causing her to trip onto..."

((you continue))