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Thread: [TV series] Chrno Crusade

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    Default [TV series] Chrno Crusade

    Title: Chrno Crusade
    # of episodes: 24
    Year published: 2003
    Studio: Gonzo Digimation
    US Distribution: ADV Films


    The year is 1920... Sister Rosette and Chrno, an expert team of exorcists, work for the Magdala monastery... doing exorcists...

    The odd thing about this team, is that Chrno is actually, himself, a demon... a horn-less demon, but a demon none-the-less! (in Chrno Crusade, demons use horns to absorb "cosmic" energy...)

    But once they meet a lil girl with a holy voice (Asmaria) everything just seems to go down hill... WAY down...

    I wish i could tell you more about the story, but it would really ruin it... and it TRULY is an excellent story! So im giving this section a....



    What do you get when you mix a girl with holy powers, a nun with a gun and horrible driving skillz and a gimpy demon? one heck of a weird team!

    no but seriously... this is also another reason i very much enjoyed this particular anime... all the characters are (or are at least somewhat) loveable... be it Chrnos passive nature, Rosettes steamy temper or Asmaria's childish innocence, it all fits!

    The characters change as the story goes along so they dont get stale...which scores major points in my book!

    Each character is well develloped... so im giving this section an....



    The animation was good, yes... but to be completely honest, i wasnt extremely impressed... nothing bad about it... doesnt seem choppy in the least... everything is nice and fluid... but they couldve done better... couldve done MUCH worse too tho... altho, i must admit that some of the special effects were quite impressive!

    So.... im gonna give the animation a nice and solid.....



    they really did some good in this area! the voice actors are GREAT! well... in japanese anyway... i heard good feedback about the english dub... but since i havent seen it myself......

    ok... for BG music... nothing too exceptionnal... fully orchestrated... it mostly just blends in with w/e is going on at the time... but i dont have anything to complain about, so lets move on shall we?

    Intros/Outros... not my favorite kind of music, but i enjoyed them! the lyrics were fitting to the story and make more and more sense as the plot advances... once again, nothing great... and nothing that deserves flamming...

    this section gets....



    Now dont get me wrong! in terms of visual and audio, there isnt much more than any other of the animes of the same age... but the story is so well develloped and delivered, that you just gotta love this anime!

    Its got plenty of action... very little filler... but extremely sad... Fortunately, there is alot of comedy incorporated into it... so you wont get all depressed while watching it...

    And i MUST say, out of all the animes ive seen, Chrno Crusade has, without the shadow of a doubt, the BEST conclusion ever! (and with the ammount of anime i watch, thats really saying something!)

    This anime is really 1 of my favorites... its up there with Akira,cowboy bebop, samurai champloo, etc... but for some reason, this gem of an anime still remains somewhat unknown...

    there arent any major flaws.... i just have very high expectations... but never-the-less, im giving Chrno Crusade a 9.8!

    I hold this anime in very high regard and STRONGLY suggest you get your hands on it as fast as possible!

    Muz edit: sue me if you don't like these screenshots.

    (Edit) no, actually, i should be thanking you! i had forgotten to add some screen shots... i always do ^^;
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version

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Name:	snapshot20051107130804.jpg‎
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Name:	snapshot20051107131027.jpg‎
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    plot 9/10: Not going to write a whole lot. I loved the way it developed and enjoyed all...26 episodes of it. It moves along at a pace that keeps you interested, but not too fast that you know everything in the first two episodes. Twists and turns, pretty cool battle scenes. I liked it alot

    audio 7/10: Nice audio, but I wasn't paying much attention to the music. From what I remember hearing it was nicely matchedc to the scenes and the atmosphere.

    animation 9/10: My style of animation, though it should really only get an 8 by my scale. Nice colors, nice character design, facial expressions were really enjoyable... I'm a guy who likes Mone or Koala other young animations alot better, but it really would not have worked in this anime.

    characters 9/10: Fun to think about and easy to get attached to. Very individual personalities.

    overall 8.5/10: Definately one I am going to buy if I find it in jap with eng subs. Watching it over is something I've done already.

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    Default Re: [TV series] Chrno Crusade

    One of the rare anime series set in the USA during about the time of the depression, about the 1930's. CHARACTERS: about an 8 STORIES: about a 7 ART: 7 OVERALL 7, I didn't like the series too much, but it was still worth watching.

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